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Look Your Beauty Best!

When planning for college, we rarely think about the fact that our kids may still have to visit hair salons and barbershops or get the occasional manicure and so on. Let’s face it; they want to maintain their beauty, magnificence (and sometimes even hygiene). We certainly can’t expect them to go from August until Thanksgiving without maintaining their beauty routines. For your beauty & the beast, I’ve asked around and my daughter and her friends have tried many of these to upkeep their beauty routines.



Hair Salons and Blow Dry Bars

If your beauty & the beast is getting a haircut, you may want to know that they have the option to sell their hair online. If they are going to get their hair cut anyway, they can sell the locks that are lopped off. High-quality hair can be valued at over $500 and with so many people getting their first post-pandemic haircuts, we’ve got a price calculator.

Brows/Eyelash Tinting/Spray Tans


Not surprisingly, for your beauty & the beast, there is plenty to choose from; the questions may be which are most affordable, conveniently located, and have hours that fit students’ schedules.  My daughter and her friends were partial to the spray tanning, it seemed to be a weekend social outing, but most of the salons had cost-saving deals on tanning packages.

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