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As a college student, I basically have a coffee in my hands at all times. After my freshman year, I soon realized that I was spending an absurd amount on lattes so now going to coffee shops is a special treat for me. Sometimes, there’s no better spot to do homework then a nice, warm, coffeeshop with sunlight gleaming through the window and a big cup of hot, dark roast coffee in front of you. Lucky for you, there are plenty of adorable coffee shops in Bloomington.

  • Cup & Kettle Tea- We get it, not everyone is a coffee lover like us! Try out this tea house which has endless flavors of different kinds of tea. Not only does this shop get their tea shipped from around the world- it has a library. The atmosphere is wonderful for a quiet study location.
  • Crumble Coffee– If you know you will need some energy throughout your studying- save room for one of there tasty quiches alongside a unique latte while studying away. They also have a large table which is perfect for studying or doing work with a group.
  • Hopscotch Coffee– Only open for take-out at the moment, but take a coffee to your favorite spot on the B-line trail and have yourself a peaceful study session.
  • Need More Roasters– Known for their environmental impact, ethical sourcing, and small-batch roasting at this shop is definitely a Bloomington favorite amongst the IU students. The Campfire iced coffee is to die for, we definitely recommend it!
  • Rainbow Bakery– Known for their donuts and comfortable environment- this is many students’ favorite study locations. However, they are currently only doing take-out and to-go orders at the moment.
  • Soma Coffeehouse– Whether it’s coffee or a juice, they make everything from scratch. They also have amazing focused care packages that are the perfect gift for a busy student. The care packages include a 12 oz bag of coffee beans, A quarter pound of loose leaf tea, fresh chocolate chip cookies, a reusable cup, and a Soma Koozie.
  • The Pour House Cafe– Many students’ favorite study spots in Bloomington because of the good vibes, calming atmosphere, amazing tea, and great food. All of their products are local to the Bloomington area which makes this cafe even better!

Whether it’s studying by yourself, meeting up with friends, doing a group project, or even going on a date, there is no shortage of places on and around campus to get a cuppa and a bite to eat. Whatever your purpose, you will definitely find something that suits your needs. After all, isn’t it always Coffee O’Clock?

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