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Know More About Health Insurance Options

Students at many colleges are required to have a health insurance plan but Indiana University is not one of those that has a mandatory insurance requirement for enrolled students. All IU Bloomington students are required to pay a mandatory health center fee. This fee is not insurance-it helps to support the  IU Health Center which is located on campus and can be deducted from their account at the end of the semester. They offer medical, wellness, and mental health services;  a lab;   a pharmacy; an eye clinic; X-rays; and more.

My daughter recently made a same-day appointment online and went in with no delay. IU does accept certain insurance plans. If your student’s insurance is not accepted, the center will provide you with an itemized receipt so that your student’s charges can be submitted as out-of-network. Your student does not need health insurance to get treated at the Health Center. Make sure you check out your own out of state care benefits.

Indiana University offers student insurance plans for certain groups that are required to have coverage, including International Students and Scholars, as well as students in the School of Medicine and School of Dentistry. Additionally, graduate students with a Graduate Appointment or Fellowship Award may be eligible for coverage. Students who are required to have coverage are automatically enrolled in the plan and notified about the coverage at the beginning of each semester of enrollment at IU. International Scholars will be contacted with information on how to enroll when arriving on campus. If you have additional questions regarding health insurance coverage, please contact the Student Health Insurance Coordinator at studenhc@iu.edu for additional information.

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