Wake up Hoosiers! It’s Game Day!

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Get Ready For the Big Game Hoosiers, With These Attire Tips!

The best feeling for any college student, particularly if you’re a Hoosier, is waking up knowing it is game day! There is so much preparation that goes into game days: where to tailgate, who to squad up with, and what to wear. Showing up to tailgates and games is more than just rocking your school colors, it is showing your spirit and how much you love your school. It almost feels like a school-wide competition: who can get the most spirited? With this list, you’ll be sure to place in first!

It is important that whenever you are shopping for game day attire, you strictly look for your school colors. You don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb wearing the one color that doesn’t match with everyone else. Most students go all out wearing crimson and cream. Yes, some most people do wind up wearing red and white though because let’s face it, red and white are way easier to find.

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If you are on a budget, then definitely stick with the basics: red or white-colored tanks and t-shirts. Denim is always the move for game days, especially some cute distressed jean shorts or a pair of white overalls with a red crop top underneath. I am also always a fan of a flowy, cheerleading like a white skirt with a fun red top from Princess Polly. In this outfit, you will not only look amazing at every tailgate, but you will be comfortable too! If you want to get a little more decked out in spirited gear, then you can choose from metallic fashion tattoos, IU masks, and customizable sunnies, to add a bit more fun to your outfit. We also really like By Gabby and Gameday Couture Social House.

Your top is one of the things people notice the most, so it needs to make a statement. Most girls like to show off fun DIY cut up t-shirts. If you want to test out your DIY skills, you can get awesome shirts from places like Target or Walmart for a great price. If you are confident in your DIY skills, try acid-washing your shirts!  Next time you want to spend the night in, get a group of friends together and turn t-shirts into crop tops, tank tops, halters, and more! The options are endless and always make an outfit. You can look up how to DIY cut up t-shirt.

Not the artsy type, don’t stress, Talk Tailgate To Me has plenty of adorable tops perfect for IU tailgates. I have a few staple IU tailgate tops but for the most time, students like to buy crimson and cream-colored clothing so that way they can wear the clothes all year round rather than strictly just at tailgates. We also like Tailgate Tailor, Treasure Trove, and Broke College Girl for customized game day clothes.

We absolutely love, Show Me Your Mumu’s line of cute and trendy gameday outfits. If you want to get creative and have matching accessories with your friends, a customizable Game Day Bracelet is a must! Opt for your team’s colors and each bracelet comes with 8 chic gold letters for mixing and matching to create your favorite slogans and phrases that make it clear who you’re rooting for. Please note, this bracelet will arrive unassembled but will be a great activity for your next girl’s night.

Feeling more like a team player than a cheerleader? We have something for you, too! Wearing your team’s jersey is one of the best ways to show off your love for the Hoosiers. Sometimes girls will wear an oversized jersey with a cute belt. You can get a jersey with your favorite number or even get a personalized jersey with any name and number you like. To top off your look, accessorize with a clear bag from Score Gameday bags. Use the code HUH15 for a 15% discount. Most stadiums implement a clear bag policy, so why not have a clear bag that still has style? Round out your outfit with some statement earrings

Guys have it a little easier and stick to a more simplified look. Dry fit and polo tops are the go-to for most as long as it has their school logo. You can check out a bunch of options on Fanatics. I recommend getting a few different colored polos because the guys tend to get a lot of use out of them. To protect from the hot sun, guys also love to sport an IU hat and don’t forget about the face covering while you’re at it. Regardless of your style, don’t forget to wear sunscreen and drink a ton of water. Game days are long and often hot so be sure to stay safe and hydrated or else you will not have a fun Sunday morning.

We all know Bloomington and it will go from sunny and 85 to snowfall within a matter of a week. When it starts to get a bit cooler in the season, a lot of fans wear school spirited sweatshirts. Tailgate leggings with a white coat will be the perfect outfit for when you want to rep the Hoosiers while still staying warm! Deck yourself out in all things that represent Indiana University. Show off your colors all day, every day! Your team will thank you!

Go Hoosiers!

Madison Stutman, Intern

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