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Mid-Day Munchies- What’s for Lunch?

The best part of lunch is the break it gives you in the middle of the day! Lunchtime is my favorite time to unwind; I put my phone down, stop thinking about school, and just take a little bit of time to relax. But it’s even better when you’re enjoying a meal as well. Like any city, there are literally hundreds of dining options in Bloomington from fast food to fast-casual, from family-style to fine dining. Everyone in my family has always been a foodie so I never settle for fast food, I love to discover all of the new and unique food spots.

Your lunch choices will often depend upon your plans throughout the day but there are plenty of options in downtown Bloomington which is right next to campus. Some things to consider beforehand are price and time. It is not unusual for there to be a considerable wait at some of the more popular lunch spots – even with a reservation – during a game weekend, official tour dates, or graduation. Many of the restaurants on our breakfast, brunch, and dinner blogs also serve lunch, so be sure to check them out as you refine your lunch plans.

Near Campus

  • Bloomington Bagel Company– Having a bad day? I promise Bloomington’s award-winning bagel will turn your day around!
  • Buffa Louie’s– An Indiana University student-founded this restaurant. It’s less than one mile from campus and one of America’s top 10 best wings joint!
  • Falafels Middle Eastern Grill– You don’t need to go far from Bloomington to get a fresh Flaffel that will take you back to your Birthright days.
  • Lennies Bloomington– Next time you’re walking down Kirkwood ave make sure to stop at Lennie’s for some of the best American food.
  • Mexican Eats– Can you even eat anything besides Tacos on a Tuesday?
  • Nicks English Hut– Nothing hits the spot like some good English food right across from campus. Their menu is constantly changing and they always had new unique items.
  • Noodles & Company– There’s nothing like a favorite childhood mean- but fancy. You can get pretty much every possible pasta combination you can think of. I recommend the Zucchini Alfredo pasta for a fun and healthy alternative!


  • Crema Dolce– Nothing is like some good Gelato on a hot day. Located on the 6th floor of the Stacks
  • Mother Bears Pizza– Nothing beats ten-inch Tuesday, get a ten-inch pizza for only $6.95.
  • Panino Man- Right by IU dining you can get a great panini made fresh just for you.
  • Scholars Inn Bakehouse– Whether its some homemade granola or a breakfast sandwich this is my favorite quick lunch spot on campus.
  • Starbucks– At the end of the day, nothing beats a good ice coffee at the Starbucks located in the Indiana Memorial.
  • The Traveler– Around the corner from IU dining, you can get authentic cuisines from around the world.

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