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Keeping The Traditions of Worship

If you’re wondering about keeping up the tradition of worship, here are some thoughts. Shortly after my daughter started college, the first of the most important Jewish holidays were coming up (think the equivalent of Good Friday and Easter Sunday). In the past, we had gone to services together and had family dinners. Since the holiday fell on a weekday, it did not make sense for her to come home. So, she did what many other Jewish students did; she went to services at the Chabad House-Jewish Student Center. It did take some cajoling, and I do not know if she will continue but it was nice to know the opportunity is there.

At IU it is important for all students to be able to continue to worship, pray, and adhere to their religious beliefs for several reasons. Having a place to worship on or near campus allows them to meet other students and have a Rabbi, Minister, Bishop, or Priest to turn to should they need spiritual guidance. At or around IU, there are a good amount of places to worship, regardless of your students’ faith.  There are more than 50 religious/spiritual groups at IU. You can find a partial list of those organizations here.


  • Chabad House-Jewish Student Center – located on E 7th Street; Chabad welcomes all Jewish students regardless of their background, observance, or affiliation. They offer Shabbat services as well as free Friday night dinners.
  • Indiana University Hillel – located on East 3rd Street; Hillel is a “Jewish Home Away From Home” for IU students. The center is open from 9:00 am-9:00 pm during the week and through Shabbat dinner on Friday, noon to-8pm on Sunday.  Hillel has an open refrigerator policy for grab-and-go snacks.
  • Beth Shalom Congregation is located on East 3rd Street.



  • St. Paul Catholic Church – located on East 17th Street.  Offering IU students numerous mass times, confessional hours, and approachable clergy and free to student Sunday evening dinners.

Mormon/Latter-Day Saints




There are actually several Lutheran churches in Bloomington;

Greek Orthodox


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