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The Best Things to Do With Your Dad at UF

As a college student at the University of Florida, leaving home was exciting; however, as the months passed by, the desire to spend time with my family increased exponentially. Now that I am a senior, seeing my family during the semester is just as wonderful as it was as a freshman. Family weekends at the University of Florida are great fun, and Father-Daughter weekends are among some of my favorite.

Not being in a sorority, when my dad comes to visit, we are not on a tight schedule. For example, if there are sporting events that we plan on attending that start later in the day, we enjoy taking a walk or hiking at Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park. We also go to Depot Park or downtown Gainesville because there are always events going on such as art festivals, farmer’s markets, or concerts. Additionally, the new Regal theatre at Celebration Pointe is very nice. We enjoy action and thriller movies and attend a movie almost time he visits Gainesville (especially if it rains).

Ginnie Springs, Ichetucknee Springs, and Blue Springs are just a few of the most popular springs that are around Gainesville. When the weather is nice, I would recommend families of all ages visit the springs. Tubes, floats, canoes, and snorkel gear are available to rent if desired. The springs are a “must-do!”

If you are a student in a sorority or have a daughter involved in Greek life for Father-Daughter weekend, there is often a schedule starting Friday and ending on Sunday that many students and fathers can choose to participate in during all their planned activities. For example, t-shirts are often customized and handed out Friday night for the father and daughter to wear with the sorority name followed by a catered dinner in the sorority house and under tents. Saturday, fathers, and daughters will often meet up to tailgate at the partnered fraternity house for drinks and light food and walk to Ben Hill-Griffin football stadium to cheer on the Gators. Following the game, midtown or downtown Gainesville have great places to enjoy a meal and time with family and friends. On Sunday, father and daughters are encouraged to attend the last event which may include paintball or laser tag.

Lastly, if a mother or father of a student at the University of Florida also attended UF, the parents and students are eligible for the Legacy Pinning Ceremony. This year’s Spring Ceremony is April 15, 2018! The parent and student must sign up to attend and receive a pin.

For other great things to do in Gainesville, read our blog Nature vs Nurture here. Weekends spent with family are some of the most cherished memories I have of my journey through my undergraduate career.

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