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You Can Dance If You Want To

Perhaps you have seen the Facebook posts from your student or friends’ kids that say #FTK or #ForTheKids. Maybe even fundraising pages for an event called CanesTHON.  Or maybe you have never even heard of CanesTHON. If you have a student at UM, you will definitely want to know about this event, donate to this event and encourage your student to get involved in this event. This is college philanthropy at its best. The purpose of CanesTHON is to provide financial and emotional support to families and children of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. CanesTHON hopes to raise awareness and strives to engage and empower students and the community to build relationships and heighten social awareness by raising funds in a creative, energetic and inspiring manner.

“Dance the Night Away” at this year’s CanesThon will take place on Friday, February 1, 2019, at the Shalala Student Center from 4:00 – 8:00 p.m. Over the past year, with the help of more than 200 participants, CanesTHON raised over $15,000 dollars.  CanesTHON will be back at it again this year for their 11th annual event! They raise funds for Nicklaus Children’s Hospital with tons of food, incredible entertainment, exciting games, and activities for all! Participants joined in fundraising for this amazing hospital that does so much for children and families from all over the world! Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is only a mere 5k away from the University of Miami and plays an integral part in the Miami community for the healthcare and treatment of children. At Nicklaus, people are working tirelessly to help ensure that the children that go through the hospital receive the best treatment and care that they possibly can!

There are many opportunities for students to get involved starting when they first step foot on campus. My daughter and her sorority sisters have been involved with Dance Marathon for several years. There are many social and leadership opportunities for students to get involved with this terrific and fulfilling fundraiser.

For more information or to donate to CanesTHON click here.

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