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Can You Get by Without a Car?

Whether to let your students bring a car to campus will probably lead to many conversations. In order to try to have a student perspective based on their experience, we turned to our intern. These are just suggestions that we hope will bring a productive conversation for you and your ‘Cane. Most students believe that having a car is necessary while on campus, however as someone who has gone through two years of college at UM without a car, I can tell you with certainty that you do not need to have a car while at UM.

Students at the University of Miami have plenty of options as it pertains to getting around Coral Gables and the surrounding areas to choose from. At UM,  students have access to the Hurry‘Cane shu6ttle, which is an easy and convenient shuttle service that transports students to various places on the Coral Gables campus.  For more information about the shuttle, you can visit the Campus Transportation website here.

Other options for public transportation that are available to students include the Metrorail, which provides discounted prices to students who bring their Cane ID to the University Center ticket window, the Tri-Rail, which accommodates full-time students that live farther away from campus, and Metrobus.  Students also can get around campus and the surrounding areas with Uber/Lyft as well as ZipCar which are all on campus outside the dorms.

Having a car on campus can be a steep price to pay at Miami with the discount permit parking pass being $271.  To apply for a parking pass and to see the other options and their rates you can visit this website. In addition, finding parking can be tough with everyone competing for spots so it is always good to try and arrive early to your classes so you don’t have to worry about being late.

In the end, having a car while at college will not make or break your experience.  There is an abundant amount of resources that will give students the freedom to travel throughout the Coral Gables area whenever they need to.

Carter Krouse, UM Intern

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