Hotels, A Nice Place To Stay in Miami

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A Nice Place to Stay

Keep in mind that Miami is not only a college town but also an exciting and vibrant, major tourist destination, so there is a vast selection of hotel options. There are different things to take into consideration when booking. Some may want a suite type of room, gym, and spa on-premises, free breakfast and/or to be able to walk to campus, or perhaps, a trendier hotel with a Starbucks in the lobby, or a hotel right on the beach. Some look for hotels that allow them to bring their pets. And others don’t mind traveling a little bit and want to be on the beach or near a golf course, downtown near the Port of Miami, or the charm and convenience of Coral Gables or Coconut Grove. Seriously, the town has almost as many hotel options as students. There is a hotel option for every budget. There are many hotel chains near and around the campus and certainly, a few minutes drive from Coral Gables. Remember to ask for a UM rate when booking hotels close to the University, they do have deals!

Coral Gables has some of the most beautiful and historic buildings in all of Florida. A perennial favorite, not far from campus that offers many amenities including a luxurious spa, fine dining, and world-class golf course is The Biltmore. Booking early and sometimes off-season they offer affordable room rates.  Parents enjoy world-class service, excellent restaurants, and unique history. Try to stay here at least one time during your four years.

Here are a few notable Coral Gables hotels that are perennial favorites of Hurricane Parents that keep you close to the action, with some great shopping and stellar dining readily available! Several of these are even walking distance to Miracle Mile, another historical spot in the Gables. Just because you’re taking your kid to college doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun too!

  • Coral Gables Hyatt Regency Coral Gables is known for stellar customer service.
    Address: 50 Alhambra Plaza, Coral Gables, FL 33134
    Phone: (305) 441-1234
  • Hotel Colonnade Coral Gables (Starwood point members). Hip vibe right in Coral Gables.
    Address: 180 Aragon Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134
    Phone: (305) 441-2600
  • Hotel St. Michel Coral Gables
    A small and charming European style boutique hotel, unexpectedly nestled in a tropical setting. Situated in the midst of beautiful Coral Gables. Hotel St. Michel is like stepping into the past, with all the modern-day amenities, and so much more.
    Address: 162 Alcazar Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134
    Phone: (305) 444-1666
  • Hampton By Hilton Miami-Coconut Grove / Coral Gables
    Address: 2800 SW 28th Terrace, Coconut Grove, FL 33133
    Phone: (305) 448-2800
  • Mayfair Hotel & Spa – Coconut Grove – A Miami Boutique Hotel Brimming with Art Nouveau Details
    Address: 3000 Florida Ave, Miami, FL 33133
    Phone: (305) 441-0000
  • Sonesta Coconut Grove Miami
    Address: 2889 McFarlane Rd, Miami, FL 33133
    Phone: (305) 529-2828
  • The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove
    Address: 3300 SW 27th Ave, Miami, FL 33133
    Phone: (305) 644-4680

Many budget-friendly hotel chains are located right near the Miami International Airport which is about a 7-mile drive from campus. (20-minute drive in traffic). Hotels.com,  Tripadvisor, or Expedia is where you will find your best deals. No expressway driving is needed for these options to get to campus, which is a bonus when navigating around Miami.

There are also hundreds of hotels on Miami Beach from budget and boutique and dog-friendly to very high-end luxury. Depending on how far north you venture up the beach, your travel distance from campus will range from approximately 13 to 23 miles (30 minutes to sometimes over an hour commute or longer depending on traffic and time of day).  Trust me, you do not want to get stuck going back and forth in Miami traffic on a Friday afternoon! You can book directly through the different hotel brands listed or book through a website like Expedia or Reservations.com or Hotels.com, Tripadvisor.com,

If you are a reward point collector (if you’re not I strongly recommend you become one) and Marriott hotels are your choice, there are plenty of options as well.

5-Mile Radius of Campus

Most of these have Continental breakfast included and free Wifi.

Unlike other schools in college towns, Miami has the luxury of having almost unlimited hotel availability unless there is a massive event such as Super Bowl or Art Basel (First week of December). Miami parents do not typically have to worry about booking hotel rooms a year in advance for football games, move-in weekend, or graduation. There are of course peak times throughout the year where hotel room prices are generally higher such as holidays, Spring Break season, or coming to Hard Rock Stadium for Superbowl 2019! Yes, the Hurricanes are so cool they play at a world-class NFL stadium! Who else can say that?

Get Your Rewards

Since you will be doing this for at least four years, I recommend staying at the same brand hotel each time so you can accrue reward points. These points can earn you free nights and breakfasts. Also, compare prices online. Oddly, you can find various prices for the same hotel on different sites. Another idea is to book through a website like tripadvisor.com or Hotels.com so you can accumulate points there as well. Perhaps by graduation, your stay will be free!

Then there are the non-peak weekends, where the prices are generally lower. That same deluxe room, which consists of two queen beds or one king, can run as little as $132 a night. I have even seen some listing of rooms, during offseason for as little as $85 a night, even at the chain hotels. Hotwire is a great resource for getting prime hotels right near campus for better prices!  One mom I know scored a 5-star hotel right in the heart of Coral Gables for $80 a night during move-in!


I’ve heard some parents have used Airbnb for short and extended stays in and around Coral Gables. Recently I spoke with a parent whose athlete daughter was undergoing knee surgery and he needed to be close by for 2 weeks while she recovered. He found a charming home that was much more affordable than a 2-week stay in a conventional hotel. The campus is nestled in a gorgeous little town, which is surrounded by vibrant residential neighborhoods. This can be another option if you’re bringing a pet or desire a more homey experience.

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