Mother-Daughter Time

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Mother-Daughter Time

Our first mother-daughter weekend in Miami was such a wonderful, memorable experience. We took a long walk around the campus, strolling around Lake Osceola, through the Arboretum and had a picnic lunch out on the green.  There is nothing like walking this luscious and tropical campus, seeing the birds, strolling through the Lowe Art Museum and catching up. I learned so much about her roommates, how classes were going and how we were doing without her home (we still had her 16-year-old sister and puppy at home).
That first visit was a beautiful February day when the weather is perfect and there is so much to do in Miami. I visited during the 3-day President’s Day weekend so I could take full advantage of her time off from class.  Every year the Coconut Grove Arts Festival occurs over this long weekend. It is an outdoor art festival near campus that draws crowds from across the state. Great art, food, music and lots of friends to keep us entertained; the perfect way for us to spend the day strolling through the Grove. In the evening, we chose one of her “must-try” restaurants she had been hearing about from friends. Visit our restaurant blog to learn more.

Favorite ‘Sport’

It is inevitable that in the four years at UM, a little shopping and pampering expedition may be called for. I’m not going to lie, it’s one of our favorite past times. Should you get down to Miami for a little mother-daughter time, you may find yourself at one or more of the private shops many young ladies like to frequent. There are many cute boutiques lining the streets of South Miami, just minutes from campus or head over to Dadeland Mall or Merrick Park. And when you’re done, you and your daughter may want to indulge in a Spa treatment at the Biltmore. There are many nail salons close to campus; they tend to change frequently so call ahead. For eyebrows and other waxing, many of the girls like the waxing location inside Dadeland Mall. Also close to campus is a Paul Mitchell School where customers can get many high-end beauty and hair treatments at a huge discounted price. My daughter likes going there for more expensive hair treatments she ordinarily would not be able to afford. Be sure to remind your shopper to ask for student discounts; many stores offer one with an ID. Perhaps next, you may want to check out our blog on student budgeting.

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