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Getting That Last Spot!

You sent them to college with a car and they are grateful. However, although it will make a weekly Publix run easier, no one really thought about the fact that parking at UM can be pretty inconvenient and tends to be a problem every year. There are not enough spots for as many students live on or drive to campus.

Permit sales for the 2018-19 school year will start on July 9th for returning students and July 16th for new students. To find the cost and eligibility for each level for 2018-19 permits click here. It sounds simple enough, but somehow students occasionally get in trouble and unpaid violations can result in towing, booting and/or the delay of registration for a new semester. Paying, appealing and more information here. Visitors, events and disabled parking information.

Remind your students to be diligent about proper parking. Unpaid parking fines will hold up class registration, the release of grades, possibly even a graduation. Paying those fines in a timely manner is no joke.

Picture these scenarios:

They come home late and just want to park near their dorm, so they park in the wrong lot for their parking permit, promising themselves that they will get up early and move the car before 7:30 am. In theory, it is a great idea, because they have so much to do the next day and they can take a nap later. Their intentions are good, but they hit snooze too many times and by the time they get to move the car, the parking ticket is flapping in the breeze.

They are rushing to campus from their apartment (or sometimes from one side of campus to the other) and although they planned to leave early that morning, their blow dryer wasn’t cooperating and now they must rush. When they get to campus, there are no spots available near their class and if they go to the other lots they will be really late, so maybe just this one time they won’t get ticketed. Besides, which is worse, walking in late again or a parking ticket?

They loan their roommate/sorority sister/fraternity brother/friend from down the hall, their car and because the said friend doesn’t own a car, she/he is unaware of the parking situation on campus and park it someplace they believe is safe, but they are unknowingly wrong. Your student won’t realize this until the next time they go to use their car and by then there are five parking tickets; one for each day the car was parked in an unauthorized spot.

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