Where to Pregame at UM

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Get Ready For A Fun Day!

I have to admit that I hadn’t heard of the term, pregame until I heard my daughter mention it before attending her first college game.  Now, it’s become a part of the game experience along with tailgating and celebrating the win (hopefully).

Assuming that you are of the drinking age, there are some fun places that offer great deals for college students on game days.  The RAT on campus is always a great first stop to get your Canes spirit pumping! Near the University of Miami, Titanic on Ponce has great happy hour specials as well as daily specials for UM students. Duffy’s Tavern on 57 Ave, Sports Grill South Miami, Buffalo Wild Wings at Sunset Place, and Yard House at Merrick Park are hot spots right near campus as well as many other sports bars and restaurants throughout Miami. Since UM plays their home games in Hard Rock Stadium, you do have the opportunity to buy alcoholic drinks right in the stadium.  Playing in an NFL stadium, be prepared to spend your weekly allowance for one drink. So, many students like to go to the Frat House parties on campus before hopping on the bus and tailgating at the stadium.

Let’s not forget that there is no better atmosphere than tailgating at UM games.  The stadium offers ample parking and most people like to set up their game-day tents and gear hours before kickoff.  You will be among a sea of Orange and Green Hurricane flags, BBQs, cornhole games, and Canes gear! Make sure you include the Canes Band of the Hour in your pregaming plans. The players are led to the stadium by the band and cheerleaders through the parking lot, and fans line up to cheer their team on.

No matter what plans you decide on for your game day pregaming, please make sure that your transportation plans are made first.  Take the shuttle from campus to the stadium, have a designated driver to and from the game, or use uber services. Safety first! Then, enjoy and Let’s Go ‘Canes!!

And, for some great ‘Canes gear, check out our blog on Gameday attire for parents and students.

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