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Study Abroad

Not all classrooms have four walls. No place is this more evident than in the growing number of students that study abroad. This is one of the programs you will hear about from your student (and trust me, they will bring it up). I did not have that many friends that went abroad when I was in college. My daughter chose not to go abroad and has regretted it as several of her friends and sorority sisters have gone to London, Madrid, Chili, Japan, and Rome.

I first learned about this program was at orientation. The breakout session spoke of all of the options and benefits of studying abroad. You can read all the University of Miami’s Study Abroad programs here.

It is comforting to send your child with a UM Sponsored program primarily because of the support students receive as it applies to travel warnings and monitoring the global situation. The cost is a considerable factor as it is expensive depending on the duration of the program.


The Office of Study Abroad offers programs as short as one week and as long as an academic year. You may study abroad on a program led by a faculty member, on a UM Semester-on-Location program, or on a UM Partner Program or affiliated university program. After you have attended a Study Abroad 101 session and narrowed down your program options to two to three, check who the advisor is for your program(s). The Study Abroad Office offers to advise appointments in-person and over the phone. To contact the advisor for the program your student is interested in and to make an appointment click here. Or, call the study abroad office at 305-284-3434 or email to make an appointment with a study abroad advisor.

Additional steps to take before considering study abroad:

  • Inform the Academic Advisor you want to Study Abroad and make an academic plan
  • Maintain a 2.7 or higher GPA
  • Attend a UM Study Abroad 101 and program-specific information sessions
  •  Apply for/Renew Passport
  • Research UM Study Abroad Programs
  • Understand the cost of studying abroad versus staying at UM by looking at the Budget Sheets
  • Note the availability of UM study abroad scholarship opportunities
  • Explore national scholarships, noting that some deadlines are more than a year before the travel takes place
  • Meet with UM Study Abroad Advisors, Global Ambassadors, and other past participants to get help with the process and to determine the best program for your student
  • Click here to find out the deadline for specific Study Abroad Programs.

Deadlines for completed applications are approximately 3 – 7 months prior to the start of the program. Upon completing the application you will interview with the Study Abroad Office.

You may want to consider having your student get Global Entry which runs approximately $100 for five years but makes getting through security so much easier. Or, have them download the Mobile Passport app which is free and helps to speed you through U.S. Customs. (officially authorized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection). They will still need their passport but it saves them time.

Consider purchasing an unlocked phone that works on international networks. By purchasing in advance, your students can add their contacts and download their apps ahead of time.

Financial Aid

Students participating in a UM study abroad program will be able to use their financial aid abroad.  Your student will be charged full tuition on their tuition bill for the semester during which they will be abroad, so their aid package will not be affected; however, studying abroad will incur additional expenses for which they may wish to apply for additional aid. While overseas, if your student has specific questions, they should contact the Office of Financial Assistance Services directly at ofas@miami.edu.

The University of Miami does not offer financial aid for students visiting and attending other institutions under a non-UM study abroad “consortium” program; therefore, when your student is selecting a study abroad program, it is advised they choose programs that are part of the UM semester on location (“U”) programs and those listed on the UM Partner Program list since their financial aid and scholarships will apply while they abroad.  You can find a complete listing of the UM administered programs here.

For more info check out the details blog. 

Looking for items students heading abroad need or want? Check out our list here.

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