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A Guide to UM’s Bus System

The University of Miami’s Hurry ‘Canes shuttle bus system can be a huge help to UM students that live on and around campus. As many of us in Coral Gables know, Miami traffic can be incredibly stressful and time-consuming.

The shuttle service around the area is free and runs frequently. The two main loops are the Miller Circle and Stanford Circle, named after where they stop. The Miller Circle begins at the Law School, behind the Shalala Student Center and very close to Richter Library. It next goes to the St. Augustine Church, behind the Intramural Fields. It’s followed by Liguria and Brescia Lot, near the University Village and Fraternity Houses.

Many students that live in Red Road use the Miller Loop to get to and from campus without a car. It goes to stop at the Hecht Athletic Center near the Wellness Center. Then it returns to Miller, stopping on the other side of St. Augustine on the way.

The Stanford Loop begins at Stanford Circle right next to the Office of Admissions. Then it goes to stop at the University Station before going to the Ponce Garage. The Ponce Garage is connected to the Flipse building and next to Lennar Medical Center, where student health is located. On the way back to Stanford Circle it stops on the other side of Ponce at University Station. The last loop is the RSMAS Shuttle, which runs infrequently to the marine campus.

The best way to see what is happening with the shuttles is by using the UM Shuttles website or the UMiami app for your phone. Both show a live map of where all of the buses are at any given moment. It also gives the arrival times so it is easy to plan ahead with the shuttles. The phone app also gives campus maps along with a lot of other useful information to help out around UM, including a directory and course listings.

One incredibly large downside to the Hurry ‘Canes shuttle is that it only runs on campus. This means that for students living off-campus, the shuttle is not a viable option to get to classes. It does, however, stop on both sides of Ponce de Leon Blvd at the University Metro rail station. This greatly improves the safety of taking the metro rail to school. Even for students commuting to campus, the shuttle can bring them to classes across campus, or from remote parking lots. Often these parking passes are still available when the semester begins. Full-time students get fares at 50% off the regular price when you present your Cane Card to the University Center ticket window or call 305-284-2318. College Easy Pass must be purchased before the 9th of the month. Visit Easy Card Miami-Dade Public Transit. The city of Miami has a bus system, but it does not run very often, and the stops are not particularly convenient for UM students.

Carolyn Covington, UM, HaveUHeard Intern

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