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Advice Guide to Getting an Advising Appointment

Academic advisors are some of the most helpful people you will interact with during your time at the University of Maryland. Having a strong relationship with your advisor is a great way to get advice and work toward your educational and career success. While it may be difficult to get an appointment at busy times of year (the busiest times are the beginning and end of the semester), UMD offers several options to meet with an advisor.

Each student will be assigned an academic advisor either during freshmen orientation or after undeclared major students decide on a major. The various schools at UMD have their own perspective counselors that specialize in advising students within that school. Students can find who their advisor is on their individual college page and schedule appointments through that page.

For those students who have yet to declare a major, they will have an advisor through Letters and Sciences. After students are assigned their advisor, there will be specific times when they are required to meet with them regarding scheduling and any academic-related registration blocks. Students meet with advisors before they schedule for the upcoming semester. This meeting will allow them to discuss possible class options and requirements that they will be fulfilled with the courses they choose.

Students should ask any questions they have relating to their academic and career goals in addition to questions about scheduling. Come prepared to these meetings; bring a list with all your questions, bring a planner or notebook for notes, and have a folder to keep all the papers the advisor gives you. Advisors are also there to inform their students on any new opportunities UMD is offering such as internships, study abroad, or workshops. If students would like to meet with an advisor for quick questions or something urgent but do not have an appointment, they can utilize drop-in advising. Drop-in advising allows students to see the advisor who is on duty at the time they come to the office.

Another way to get in contact with your academic advisor is through email. The majority of the time, advisors will respond to emails fairly quickly and with good advice and information, and you do not even have to leave your desk! Advisors are there to help students in any way they can during their time at UMD. Make sure your student is taking advantage of them as a resource and as a professional who has their best interests at heart.

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