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A Guide to Orientation

Orientation will align you with all UMD has to offer. Congratulations! Your child has been accepted to the University of Maryland! One of the first things to do following accepting the admissions offer is to set up your Directory ID and register for New Student Orientation. Orientation is a time to get to know all about the university your student will be spending their next four years at. From learning how to navigate campus to figure out how the dining halls work, you and your student will be learning a lot in two days. Get ready to take notes, fill out paperwork, and explore College Park.

Orientation can seem overwhelming regarding all the new information you are receiving in such a short period of time. It is important to always breathe and not panic because whatever information you miss or may forget can all be found online! Other tips are to take pictures of slides and posters that you will want to have on hand or to go over with your student at a later point.

Another important aspect of orientation that you should know is you will not be with your student the entirety of the two days. One requirement of orientation is that the incoming students must spend the night in the dorm, while you will be spending the night in a hotel. They will receive a list of items to pack including bedding or sleeping bags, clothes, and toiletries. In addition to this, your student will spend most of the day in groups where they participate in events that are just for the incoming students. Scheduling is also done at this time. Your student will meet their advisor for the first time, and they will help assist your student when picking out classes. If they do not get all the classes that they hope for or decide that they no longer want to take a course, there is a two-week drop add period once class begins that allows them to make the decision at a later point.

Other Suggestions

Come as prepared as possible to orientation. This is the time where you can compile all of your questions regarding anything UMD and have answers immediately. Parents should also have their students prepared regarding anything they have to do upon their arrival for orientation, all of which can be found on the UMD Arrival Guide. At the University of Maryland, it is required you set up your Directory ID and password. It is imperative that your student either remembers their login or has it written down. Lastly, before coming to orientation, students must complete the math placement test. If students do not complete this, there will be issues with scheduling.

How to Dress

It is important that both parents and students wear comfortable clothes and shoes, considering there is a lot of walking throughout the two days. It is warm in College Park in the summer, but it is always smart to check the weather beforehand and bring a sweater just in case.

What to Bring

Since your student will be sleeping at the dorms, it is important that they pack items such as sheets, a pillow, towel, pajamas, a charger, and other necessary overnight items. I would suggest that your child bring either a duffle or a carry-on sized suitcase.


Hotels book up quickly over summer for the orientation dates, so it is smart to book a hotel as soon as you register for orientation. Refer to the UMD hotel blog for more suggestions.

Freshman! For all first-year students, UMD holds a mandatory orientation starting in June and going through August. Pass on these great tips, tell your friends and like us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Find out more about how to use HaveUHeard as a great resource. Sign up for other great tips at haveuheard.com.

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