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The coffee shop is the epitome of the college experience, isn’t it? Most of us need our coffee to get through the day, and a coffee shop can be the best place to study, grab a snack, meet up with friends, or even go on a date. Is coffee just coffee or does it matter where you go? At the University of Maryland, your choice is dependent on your purpose. Probably the easiest place to grab coffee would be in the Stamp Student Union. The Coffee Bar is there on the main floor and available for a quick grab and go Starbucks beverages as well as pastries from the bakery. There is a small place to sit, but it can be noisy, so if you are studying you may want to take your cup to another area of the union for some peace and quiet.

  • Bagels N Grinds is a great place to go and it’s right off-campus. It’s located in The Hotel at the University of Maryland and if you have to drive there they will validate your parking with purchase. You can also charge your order to your room if you happen to be staying overnight. Here, you can grab breakfast and lunch, and while their bagels and coffee are great they have a lot more to offer, including free delivery in College Park. If you’re feeling independent you can stay home and they bring your order right to you. Check out both the take out menu and the catering menu depending on what you are looking for. Bagels N Grinds can be a great place to study or meet up with friends. It has multiple outlets and charging ports, is well lit and has plenty of space for groups to work at tables. If you prefer, you can sit at the bar or next to the windows for a view of what’s going on outside. There is also a cozy fireplace that is a popular choice for seating and could double as a great spot for a date.
  • Starbucks – On the corner of Route 1 and Knox Road. This place is popular for the wifi and coffee you can trust from a well-known establishment. Expect crowds here and the possibility of not finding a seat. However, you will probably run into someone you know since it’s a hotspot.
  • Vigilante Coffee – Their coffee is rich and there is a wide variety to choose from. They have everything from a vanilla latte to the “chronic tonic,” a cold espresso with hints of orange. While you are there, try the vegan oatmeal cream pie, biscotti, or many of their muffin and pastry choices. People rave about their acai bowls. Vigilante does have seating both inside and out, but there isn’t too much so you may not find space. This coffee shop is not as conducive to studying but is a fun place to hang out.
  • The Bagel Place of College Park is a long time favorite of the Terps. Currently, they are only open for carry-out, so it’s not a place to linger. However, their menu is large and delicious and their coffee and espresso are sure to please. If you can take your order to go and spend time outside on campus or back at home, this is a good option for you.

There is no shortage of places on and around campus to get coffee and a bite to eat. Whatever your purpose, you will definitely find something that suits your needs. After all, isn’t it always Coffee O’Clock?

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