Volunteering Turns Your Compassion Into Action

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Volunteering with passion is key.

Is volunteering the path for you? One of the best ways to get out and meet people in college is through community service and at the University of Maryland there are loads of opportunities. There are so many benefits to gain if you give your time to others. Giving back is such an amazing way to be a good citizen and it also speaks volumes about your character. Doesn’t hurt on the resume, either!

In College Park, there are service organizations that need your help. Service helps to connect you to the community and helps you feel more at home while at school. When you start looking for service opportunities, you’d be remiss if you didn’t check out the Leadership and Community Service Learning page. This will outline for you many different types and categories of service. Consider whether you’d like an opportunity just on a school break, or if you’d rather work in a school all throughout the year. Do you want an all-day service project, or once a week for months? The possibilities are endless.

One of the most popular ways to get involved and add philanthropy to your resume is through Greek life. Each fraternity and sorority has a philanthropic cause that they work for and raise money and awareness throughout the year. It’s something to consider when you are searching for the perfect brother or sisterhood. Are they supporting a cause that is important to you? There is even a co-ed fraternity specifically dedicated to service. Alpha Phi Omega’s cardinal principles include service to the nation, service to the community, service to the campus, and service to members of the fraternity.

Terp Thon is a wildly popular group at the University that supports patients and families fighting pediatric illness and injury right in the community. While they raise money all year, each March they host a 12-hour dance marathon that brings awareness, but also joy to the families they are supporting.

Do you love kids? If so, College Mentors for Kids may be for you. This group strives to transform the lives of both children and college students through mentoring. What about faith-based service? Check out Cru and their Christian mission to connect people to the message of the Bible. If saving the environment is your thing, join SOA, or Sustainable Ocean Alliance. They work to clean up the environment in the area close to and around College Park. DMAX Club wants to create connections and conversations that matter to strengthen mental health and emotional well being of young people. As you can see, there is something for everyone.

Finally, be sure every year to check out Maryland’s First Look Fair. This is an annual event that hosts over 600 student organizations and clubs.  Although all the clubs aren’t service-oriented, you are sure to find the ones here that are.

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