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Should I, or Shouldn’t I Make the Call?

Sometimes making the call will alleviate your stress. One of the most nerve-wracking times is waiting to find out if you have been accepted into the college of your dreams. The University of Maryland will send you an email to notify you when your admission decision is ready to be viewed on your MyCoalition account. After following the instructions in the email, you will be able to view your admission decision online. I remember on the day my admission decision came out it took me almost two hours to finally see if I was accepted due to the high volume of individuals logging on at the same time. After those two hours of nervously freaking out, I saw the one thing I have been waiting for (impatiently) these past months: my acceptance to UMD!

At UMD they offer acceptance to the university for the Fall semester and Spring semester. The only other decision they will tell when you receive your admission decision is that you have not been admitted to UMD. For those that have been denied admission, they have the opportunity to contact the admissions office for an explanation. While the admissions office rarely takes appeals, only if there is new and significant academic information are students eligible for an appeal, they can give you some clarity on why you may have not been accepted. Another option for students who were not accepted to UMD is to re-apply as a transfer student when you have earned enough credits at another academic institution.

Another common reason is students may want to contact the admissions office with questions regarding admission for the Spring semester. Students can be accepted for Spring and waitlist for Fall or just accepted for the Spring semester. At the University of Maryland, those students that are accepted for the Spring are automatically placed into Freshmen Connection.

Freshmen Connection is a Fall semester extension program offered to all students admitted for the Spring semester. Freshmen Connection students have class in the Fall on-campus, but during off-peak times from 3-9 p.m., Freshmen Connection is a great program that allows students to get acclimated to the university, live on-campus, and receive credits that will count towards your UMD degree. Decisions are final and students admitted for the spring semester cannot appeal their decision or defer their admission for the fall, so it is not recommended to contact admissions in trying to change this decision. For a first-hand account on what it means and one family’s advice, read our blog What Does Freshman Connection Really Mean?

At the end of the day, a denied admission decision may sting but remember that you are meant to be where you end up! It is also important to keep in mind it is not a bad thing to be accepted for the spring semester. If students have questions or want further clarity on their admission decision, they can always call and politely ask some questions!

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