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Can You Get By Without A Car?

No car, yes you can! Yes, you can get by at the University of Maryland without having a car. One common issue at college campuses is that there are thousands of students but nowhere near enough parking spots for all students and faculty. In addition to the lack of parking spaces, it can be very frustrating trying to drive and park on campus, not to mention how often students receive parking tickets. While some students choose to bring their car, there are plenty of ways to get on or around campus without a car!

The University of Maryland Department of Transportation Services (DOTS) is the department that deals with both parking on campus and the UMD bus system, Shuttle-UM. If you do not have a car on campus, and even if you do, the bus system is something that all students should utilize! Shuttle-UM runs busses both on and around campus and is one of the nation’s largest university transit services. The fleet of over 75 vehicles takes students all over campus and common off-campus places such as grocery stores and various apartment buildings. You can learn more by reading our Get on the Bus blog.

Another great part about UMD is the beautiful, walkable campus. While the university can be viewed as somewhat large, every place on campus is within walking distance and the picturesque views make it even better! In addition to the nice walks, there are so many great spots to take a seat and enjoy the campus. My favorite spot to walk by and take a seat is McKeldin Mall. This spot is the heart of campus and in my opinion the prettiest! With the various paths, it makes it easy to get anywhere on campus quickly.

Carpooling is another great option I would recommend! While it is not necessary to bring a car, there are many people who choose to, or live close enough, to pick and choose when they have their car on campus. It is likely you will have a friend or two who have their cars with them so offer to pitch in for some gas money and ride with them! Uber and Lyft are always reliable if you need a ride to a place or area that the busses don’t stop. There are constantly Uber and Lyft drivers in the area considering how often college students will use their services, making them a reliable source of transportation. Just remember to follow proper safety tips when using rideshare.

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