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When it breaks it is such an issue…

The amount of times I have cracked my phone is too embarrassing to admit! While I try to be extremely careful with my phone, accidents happen. Being in college means that you will be on your electronic devices all the time, so when something breaks that means it’s a big deal. Luckily for us, there are plenty of places nearby that can fix up your computer or phone.

Before anything breaks, it is important to have all your files and important information backed up. I highly recommend a backup system for computers. As a Mac user, I presently rely on iCloud. iCloud connects to iPhones as well, making it easy to keep everything important stored together. I can also recommend CrashPlan but some of our writers use Mozy. Both back up your computer daily (or as often as you deem necessary) so if you ever run into a jam, there is no need to panic; all their work has not been lost.

Phone or Computer repair is needed!

When it comes to my phone, I try to keep it as protected as possible. I always have a glass screen protector on it and a good phone case to ensure maximum safety. I have always bought phone cases from Casetify because not only are they trendy and protective, they offer a 15% student discount with a verified student status registration. There are two phone and electronics repair shops that are walking distance from dorms and for those that live in off-campus housing. This makes it very convenient and easy for students to get their electronics repaired and have them ready for class.

  • onCampus Repairs – 7332 Baltimore Avenue Suite #210, 301-906-4320
  • U.Mobile Cell Phone Repair – 7404 Baltimore Avenue, 301-864-1002

Other places close to campus include:

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