Sending A Package to Your Student?

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Make Sure Your Package Gets There

If you are planning on sending a package to your student, you want to make sure they get it. There are many reasons that a student receives a package. Whether it is just their usual Amazon delivery or a care package for midterms or because your student is under the weather, there are a few things that will make package delivery simpler. You know your student best; send a personalized note, a picture of your family or favorite food. You have to make sure you correctly address the package to your student, or you run the risk of them not being able to receive it.

Address all mail to residents as:

  • Student’s name
  • Student’s room or apartment number
  • Residence hall or apartment building street address

Student mail is delivered to Residence Halls once daily from Monday through Saturday, excluding Federal and University Holidays. Mail is sorted by room number and then placed in the corresponding mailbox. If a student is receiving a package larger than small envelopes, they will be able to pick them up at the Residence Hall front desk. For regular letters, students will just need to check every now and then to see if they have mail or check if they are expecting something. If students are receiving a package that will be accepted by the front desk, they will be notified through email. In order to accept the package, the student must present their UMD ID to confirm the package is for them.

We actually recommend using UPS (or FedEx) in comparison to USPS as it is just timelier, especially for in-state shipping. For local food deliveries, students correspond with the local delivery service and upon arrival, they meet them at the front of their building, since delivery people are not granted access to any dorm buildings.

There are two UPS stores that are easily accessible to all UMD students. There is one UPS Store on campus in The Stamp Student Union. They offer various services and have plenty of supplies to help students ship through UPS. There is another UPS Store located right off of campus that is also very convenient for students to utilize. It is located off of Route 1 at 4423 Lehigh Rd.

If you’re wondering what you should send your student on various occasions, check out our care package suggestions for when they are:

Sick at School

Celebrating A Birthday

Have Exam Stress

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