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Transportation to and from College Park

The first time you are dropping off your student at college is both an exciting and difficult time. Whether you are a drive away from College Park or need to get on a plane, there are several options for transportation in order to help your student move in. After the initial move in it is likely that you will not be going with them as frequently, so here are some ways to get your student to and from the University of Maryland.

One of the best aspects of going to school near the capital of the country is all of the airports available to utilize when traveling. When coming or going from the university, there are three international airports your student can choose to go to Baltimore International Airport (BWI), Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA), or Dulles International Airport (IAD).

Having three different airports that are all 25-50 minutes, allows all that are traveling to the university abundant options for flight times and prices. A typical price for flights to these airports, depending on where you live, can range from $70-$250. In addition to these advantages, having all three airports means that mostly every airline flies into at least one of these airports.

Getting to and from the airport is also very easy and accessible. Uber and taxis are always hanging around in the area due to all the people that come and go into these various cities. An Uber is the less expensive option of the two and ranges from $25-45, while a taxi will range from $40-$100. For those that are in states that have the option to train to school, students can take Amtrak and train into either the New Carrollton Station in Maryland or the Union Station in Washington D.C. Train prices vary from around $80-$189, but depending on where you live, it could be the best option for your student.

If you live in the state of Maryland or a distance that you believe is drivable, taking a car is always an option. In order to have your car on campus, you have to have over 30 credits or be a commuter. If you have a reason to be exempted from this rule as a freshman, there are forms students can fill out and apply for on-campus parking. If your student is over the 30 credit mark or is a Sophomore standing or higher, the student can keep their car on campus and pay for a residential permit at city hall for $10.

Once your student is settled in on campus, the UMD bus system has various routes that take students on and around campus. Shuttle-UM has over 75 vehicles and operates 31 routes. The apps that make traveling on the bus super easy are NextBus and goUMD.

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