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Kids’ Gotta Eat – Where are the Grocery Stores?

Whether your student is living on campus or not, at some point they will be needing groceries. UMD has so many different grocery store options that are all located close to campus that have options for every budget. The store options in the area that I would recommend are Target, Whole Foods, Giant Food, Lidl, Shoppers, and Safeway.

The closest place to get groceries would be the Target on Baltimore Avenue, located right across from campus. This Target is walking distance from anywhere a student can live, both on and off-campus. This is not a full-sized Target but has essentially everything a college student would be looking for, both food and other everyday items. If you cannot find certain groceries that you are looking for and still prefer to shop at Target, there is a full-sized Target located in the Mall at Prince Georges, just around a 10-minute drive from campus.

The next closest grocery store to campus is Whole Foods, located a mile away from campus on Baltimore Avenue. Whole Foods is a great choice for those who prefer to eat organic or like to eat more on the healthier side. A great perk about Whole Foods is that for those who have an Amazon Prime account (Which is at a discounted price for students), you are able to receive special discounts and get 10% off sale items. To take advantage of these discounts, make sure you download the Whole Foods app and sign in with your Amazon Prime login information. Once you do this, just scan the Prime Code, or you can give the cashier the phone number associated with your Prime account.

Apps to Help

Many grocery stores have apps that offer special discounts and exclusive deals, so make sure your student takes advantage of this and downloads them! Target, Whole Foods, Giant Food, Shoppers, and other grocery stores all have apps that will help your student save money when getting the groceries that they need.

In addition to downloading apps that help you save money or receive discounts when you go to the grocery store, there are apps that will help you if you are unable to make it to the store. As a college student, it may not always be the easiest to have access to a car to take trips to the grocery store or even have the time to go to the grocery store. Apps such as Instacart, Shipt, and goPuff can deliver groceries right to your dorm! Instacart allows you to shop virtually at the grocery store or your choice and pick a delivery time that best works for you. goPuff is an on-demand convenience store that delivers all different kinds of groceries and snacks to your door in under an hour.

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