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You Can Still Play Club Sports in College

Considering that not all students have the opportunity to participate in UMD’s Big Ten sports, the university has intramural and club sports so you can keep playing what you love! These sports are on a less intense level allowing for a more manageable schedule during the semester.

Intramurals are super fun, competitive, low-intensity sports that allow you to play with your team without the pressures that club sports sometimes create. For the Fall 2020 semester, intramural sports will be conducted in a socially distanced manner where students will have to maintain 6 feet from one another along with face coverings being worn at all times. Any student has the ability to join in on the intramural games, and there will even be some virtual activities! Intramural participants have the option to play at either the competitive “A” or recreational “B” level for most sports. The Intramural Sports program offers three ways for students to participate in the over 67 sports: team sports, individual/dual sports tournaments, and Fun Fridays. Sports offerings vary by semester so keep an eye out for next semesters schedule when that comes out!

The Fall 2020 sport options for team sports include kickball, softball, volleyball, football, basketball, and soccer. For tournament and individual/ dual sports the options are golf, tennis, soccer tennis, pickleball, badminton, disc golf, kan jam, and corn hole. The virtual sports and activities being offered FIFA, Madden, general trivia, sports trivia, NBA 2k, Rocket, Fortnite, and Entertainment trivia league. Club Sports are student organizations at the University of Maryland which are recognized by the Student Government Association (SGA). Club Sports are created to allow students to form friendships, build leadership skills, learn a new sport, improve existing sports skills, and more.

For the Fall 2020 semester, club sports are still recruiting new members and some will still be practicing. Students can look through the club directory of 47 club sports to find what sport they are interested in joining, then email the appropriate club contact for additional information. Students can join club sports teams online during any point in the semester after the first day of classes.

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