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So Many Sports, So Little Time

While fall sports are an all-time favorite among UMD students and families, there are plenty of great sports to enjoy during the spring! When people think of UMD, they immediately think of football, but sports such as basketball and lacrosse have their time to shine the second semester. Some of the sports in the spring include basketball, swimming, and diving, tennis, lacrosse, softball, and baseball. While sports may change due to the pandemic, students can look out for updates regarding sports and keep an eye on the composite sports schedule.

Basketball games are extremely fun at the University of Maryland, especially when the team is on a winning streak. The Big 10 team plays in the Xfinity Center and students and parents are always hyped up creating for a fun atmosphere. One of my favorite parts about attending a basketball game is the Maryland Pride Flag Timeout. Flag Unfurling is a tradition at UMD football and basketball games. This is when two giant pieces of the Maryland state flag are unfurled from the top of the two student sections. Being a part of this tradition is something all students should take part in at least once during their time at UMD.

HaveUHeard that all UMD students are lucky enough to get free tickets to nearly every single spring and fall sporting events. Football, basketball, lacrosse, and baseball are the most popular, but tickets are available for all other sports including golf, soccer, swimming & diving, tennis, and track & field.

Getting tickets for the game is fairly easy too. For football and basketball, students register online for regular-season home games. Upon registering, students will now receive emails indicating when the request period begins for each game, so make sure you’re looking out for these emails. When requesting your ticket, you can choose to print it out or have it emailed to you. It is important to keep on to your ticket because you will need it for entrance to the game along with your UMD ID. All student tickets for football and basketball are general admission seating which allows students to sit with friends and family within the student sections.

Don’t forget to dress in your red, black, white, and gold. We’ve got some great suggestions in our Wake up Terps, It’s Game Day blog or you can head over to the campus bookstore or any shop downtown and start stocking up. Items are cheaper off-campus, but the bookstore will have plenty of gear to get dressed up to show your support for the Terps.

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