Maryland Terps Bucket List – Be Sure You Do These!

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Check out these Terp Bucket items to do!

If you have committed to becoming a Terp, there are a few things that you might want to check out over your next four years at UMD. Some are just plain fun, and others sort of obvious. Either way, your time at UMD shouldn’t only be about studying. There is so much more to UMD and Maryland. Check out our “bucket list.”

On-Campus Bucket

  • Swim in the ODK fountain– This is a must for all UMD students. Swimming in the fountain in the mall is great, super fun, tradition to do with friends.
  • Be in the student section flash mob during a basketball game- The flash mob at basketball games are one of the most thrilling traditions to be a part of as a Terp. Show your UMD spirit and show out for the basketball team!
  • Turf on a Tuesday- Ask anyone, Turf on a Tuesday just hits different.
  • Participate in Dance Marathon– Even though Dance Marathon is fairly new at UMD, students love getting involved in this exciting dance fundraiser!
  • UMD tailgate and football game- Some of my best memories come from game days! Be sure to attend a tailgate and UMD football game before graduating UMD.
  • Have Maryland Dairy ice cream- With Maryland having their own farm on campus, you know the ice cream is going to be amazing!
  • Sacrifice to Testudo during Finals week- If you go to Maryland, you know the sacrifices to our mascot Testudo get insane. Get good luck for your exams by dropping your own items off and be sure to rub his nose.
  • Eat a whole slice of pizza from Pizza Kingdom– Known for the biggest slices of pizza in College Park, the Pizza Kingdom is a must for students. Make it a goal to eat a whole slice on your own.
  • Watch the sunrise from McKeldin Mall– McKeldin Mall is one of the most picturesque sites on campus and watching the sunrise from the beautiful area will not disappoint.
  • Bar crawl on Baltimore Avenue- All seniors at UMD have to complete the legendary bar crawl. From Happy Hour to ‘last call’, make a whole day out of the bars on Baltimore Avenue.
  • Visit Lake Artemisia– Taking the walk to the lake allows you to really appreciate the beautiful area of College Park.

Off-Campus Bucket

  • Go to a Ravens game- Being in the state of Maryland means there are a LOT of Ravens fans. Join in on the Ravens spirit and go to a game with friends.
  • Eat crabs with Old Bay- All true Maryland residents must at some point eat crabs with Old Bay seasoning. This iconic Maryland food duo is something everyone must experience.
  • Go on a Duck boat ride in the inner harbor- Baltimore duck boat tours are a great way to view the lovely city of Baltimore.
  • See the monuments on the National Mall .- Living in such close proximity to Washington D.C. allows students to take advantage of the historical city. Taking a trip to drive by or picnic by the monuments is a great way to make lasting memories with friends.
  • See the Cherry Blossoms– Seeing the cherry blossoms in full bloom is a sight everyone should see. The National Cherry Blossom Festival in the spring is truly breathtaking.
  • Go to a Smithsonian Museum– The Smithsonian offers eleven museums plus six other museums and the National Zoo in the greater National Capital Area.
  • Go kayaking on the Potomac River- There are so many fun water activities to take part in and kayaking or boating on the Potomac River is one of my all-time favorite pass times.

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