Namast’ay yoga in and around UMD


Keeping Peaceful, Zen, and Stress-Free

Ahhhhh, yoga, one of my favorite things to do, and by far the best way to get my head cleared is to practice this age-old art. Very few things have been continuously practiced for over 5000 years with continued success. The practice proves that the mind, body, and spirit are healthier. Whether you are looking to get a workout or to stretch and breathe, practicing this age-old art is an excellent way to move your body. I have always practiced occasionally, but since the start of quarantine, I have really gotten into the practice. It helps with meditation stress, anxiety, and just overall make you feel really great in my opinion!

HaveUHeard that UMD offers a bunch of classes at the University Recreation & Wellness Center? Everything from yoga to cycling to dance workouts, the university gym has it all! They offer over 100 classes a week and have group classes and personal training options. They offer Empowered, Beginner, Flow, Restorative, and Yoga Strength classes. These classes range from 45 minutes to 55 minutes. In addition to the great options on campus, there are several studios close by that offer yoga and meditation classes.


  • Bikram Hot Yoga- For those who love to get that extra sweat in, Bikram Hot Yoga is a great option. They offer hot yoga, hot pilates, fascial stretch therapy, cryotherapy, and PEMF therapy
  • Numi Yoga- This is where I personally take classes due to its great location and proximity to campus. Located right on College Avenue, Numi Yoga offers different variations of classes and meditations. They also offer a great package for new members which is a 14-day unlimited class pass for $28.
  • Wandering Ruah Yoga Studio- This studio is new to College Park and all classes are donation-based! Located on Baltimore Avenue, this studio is the second location of Ruah that is based in Annapolis.
  • Make sure you check Groupon as you may find special pricing on other studios or even the recommended ones.  Namaste’…

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