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So much more Nature than you think!

When you visit the University of Maryland for the first time it is likely you will see the beautiful campus, the surrounding area, and maybe even the great city of Washington D.C. Beyond the campus, College Park has so many outdoor hidden nature gems that are just waiting for you to explore! Whether you are looking to swim, walk, kayak, or just enjoy nature, College Park has something for you to enjoy.

  • Calvert Road Community Park: This is a park very close to campus off Calvert Road. There are picnic tables, tennis and volleyball courts, and a disk golf course.
  • College Park Dog Park: If you have a dog, this park is a great option! Students can spend some time playing with their dogs outside.
  • Key Bridge Boathouse: Kayaking is a great water activity, and there is no better place to go kayaking than in D.C. This boathouse is located in Georgetown, so when spending the day on the water you will also be able to see the charming views of row houses and other historic buildings.
  • Lake Artemesia Natural Area: This is one of the nicest park areas in College Park. There is a trail, lake, and park for students to hang out and spend some time in the great outdoors!
  • McKeldin Mall: Hanging out on McKeldin Mall is always a great choice! This is one of the best spots on campus to hang out and is walking distance from wherever you may live on campus. There is plenty of space to spread out and I suggest having a picnic with friends there!
  • Mount Vernon Trail: This 18-mile paved trail in Washington D.C. is a great option for an outdoor activity in D.C.  The trail takes you along D.C.’s beautiful skyline and you can walk, run, or cycle the trail.
  • National Mall: The National Mall is a must-see when you go to Washington D.C. It is home to many monuments and memorials that show America’s history. Go with friends to a trip to “America’s front yard”.
  • National Arboretum: The National Arboretum is one of the most beautiful places in D.C. It is a garden, park, and a research institution. This is a great place to spend the day outside and see many beautiful plants and sights.
  • Paint Branch Trail: This trail is one of my favorites when going on a run or walk. Bring friends and get some fresh air or exercise!
  • Wharf DC: One of the most stunning areas in DC is The Wharf. This waterfront area is full of restaurants, shops, and waterfront activities. Explore the Potomac on a kayak or paddleboard and spend the day appreciating the breathtaking river.

Students come to love College Park and UMD. Let’s face it; College Park is now their home away from home. Plan to enjoy free time with your students making memories of this special time. Pass on these great tips, tell your friends and like us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Find out more about how to use HaveUHeard as a great resource. Sign up for other great tips at haveuheard.com.

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