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Get Ready For A Fun Pregame Day!

Pregame festivities are one of the most fun and exciting aspects of game day! Pre-gaming generally means drinking before going to an event where the drinks that you will purchase are more expensive. I believe the term “crazy fun” was included in the definition as well.

Assuming that you are of the drinking age, there are some fun places that offer great deals for college students on game days. Right across from campus there are several pre-game hot spots. My personal favorites are R. J. Bentleys, Cornerstone, and Rails. These bars show the game on their many screens and serve delicious bar bites and drinks. Another popular place to pregame is at the Frat House parties before the game. If you are involved with Greek life, your sorority will likely be matched up with a fraternity tailgate. The atmosphere in these places is always energizing and exciting and gets you hyped up for the Terps to play!

The Capital One Field at Maryland Stadium is home of the Maryland Terrapins football and is located on campus. Playing at this stadium means that you do have the opportunity to buy alcoholic drinks right in the stadium. Drinks can get somewhat expensive in the stadium, so we recommend drinking before. Let’s not forget that there is no better atmosphere than tailgating at UMD games. The stadium offers ample parking and most people like to set up their game-day tents and gear hours before kickoff.  You will be among a sea of Red, Gold, Black, and White Maryland flags, BBQs, cornhole games, and Terp gear!

No matter what plans you decide on for your game day pregaming, please make sure that your transportation plans are made first. Walk or take the bus to the stadium, have a designated driver to and from the game, or use uber services. Safety first! Then, enjoy and Go Terps!! And, for some great Terp gear, check out our blog on Gameday attire for parents and students.

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