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Finding a Good Place to Study is Important for Students

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to studying. Whether you like to study alone inside or in groups at the local coffee shop, the options are plenty. Finding the best place to study both on and off-campus is essential for all students. Though it may not be the most fun activity to do, it is something that is extremely important and will lead to success. Listed below are all different options of studying locations that UMD students swear by.

On-Campus Study Spots

At the University of Maryland, there are several libraries and study areas that students love to utilize. Every student has their preference of study spots, and some students prefer to study in buildings that they have the majority of their classes.

  • Adele H. Stamp Student Union- Another hot spot that is full of different places to study, the student union is a great on-campus study location. One remarkable aspect of Stamp is that there are tables outside to do work at, so on nice days, this is an amazing option for those who like to do work outside. Stamp Union is also a central spot on campus, which is perfect for stopping by in between classes and getting some light studying or work done.
  • Edward St. John Learning and Teaching Center (ESJ)- This is one of UMD’s newest buildings on campus and is full of places to study. All throughout this building, there are lounge areas and tables for both group and individual studying. ESJ also has huddle rooms meant for group study sessions and have whiteboards for walls, enabling students to learn and help others. I find this a great place to study; it is a stunning modern building that is an enjoyable environment for getting work done.
  • McKeldin Library- UMD’s main library and located in the middle of campus at the end of Mckeldin Mall, this is a study hot spot for students. This library has seven floors and each floor has its own special resources and sound level. On the first floor, there is a full Starbucks and café, which students heavily use for coffee, snacks, drinks, and more. In addition to the café, the library has private study rooms students can reserve, study sessions held by T. A’s and tutors, napping pods, and of course plenty of books and academic resources.
  • McKeldin Mall- One of the prettiest and nicest places on campus in the Mall. The mall is the center of campus and is a lovely grassy knoll. You can sit on the grass,  set up a hammock, or sit next to the long reflecting pool. During the nice fall and spring days, you will find huge populations of students doing work and appreciating the beautiful campus.
  • Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library- This is a hidden gem of libraries at UMD in my opinion. This library is located in the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center and is located right near the majority of the freshman dorms. While the dorms all have study lounges on each floor, they can sometimes get loud and packed, so my old go-to study spot was this library that was across the street from my dorm. Inside this building, there is also a café that serves Starbucks and other various lunch items.
  • The Dorms- One of the main choices of study spots is right where the freshman live… the dorms! The dorms all include common rooms in the middle of each floor, which is a convenient place to study. In addition to the common rooms on each floor, students can utilize the basements of the dorms. The basements have whiteboards, televisions, and closed off areas.
  • Van Munching Hall- The business school is another one of the nicest buildings on campus. For business majors, they will be spending more and more time here each year. All the halls are full of comfortable seating with desks attached, allowing students to study and get work done in between classes. In addition to the halls, Rudy’s Café is located in the business school. This is a spot to get various meals, snacks, and drinks and has plenty of seating both inside and outside to get some work done.


  • Bagels ’n Grinds– Bagels ’n Grinds is a great study spot for those early weekend study grinds. Located right under The Hotel, this bagel shop is full of seating and tables, perfect for grabbing a bagel and getting some studying in.
  • Casey’s Coffee– Located on the West side of campus, near the Business School and Architecture Building, Casey’s Coffee is a perfect study spot and a lunch break. This coffee shop and restaurant is full of delicious food and drinks and is known to be a quiet area to eat and get work done.
  • Landmark Apartments– Landmark Apartments are a common study place for UMD students. If you do not live there yourself, there’s a high probability you will have a friend that does. Located right across from campus and extremely close to other off-campus housing options, this apartment building is full of study lounges, private study rooms, and outside studying areas. With a Dunkin’ on the first floor, it’s a fantastic place to grab a coffee and get to work.
  • Starbucks– Starbucks is a common study spot among college students everywhere. The calm atmosphere along with the abundance of caffeinated drinks, how can it not be. There is a full-sized Starbucks right across from campus on Knox Road. This is an off-campus study hot spot, so at times you may have to wait a little bit for a table. If this Starbucks is packed, there’s another good location down the road a couple of minutes right off of Route One.
  • The Hotel– This hotel located on campus is a luxurious place to study. The lobby is full of nice tables and areas to study and spend time in a serene area. The Hotel also has several large conference rooms, which students can sometimes utilize if they are not being used.
  • Vigilante Coffee– Vigilante is an excellent study space that gives off a hipster vibe. This coffee shop is a chill atmosphere where getting work done alone comes easily.

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