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If it’s Broken, You Must Fix It

Fix it and repair shops are one of the necessities of life, and when our kids are away at school, we want to make sure that they are receiving quality service at reputable prices. It can happen to anyone, stuff just breaks down, so whether it’s a bike or car there is always a way to get it fixed right. Although UNF is a smaller campus compared to other Florida universities, students still prefer skateboards and bicycles as the main mode of transportation on campus, but they also have break-down issues. Cars are still the main transportation for students off-campus, and as we know cars breakdown or little accidents happen. Keeping your student mobilized is important.

Listed below are the repair shops for bicycles, skateboards, and autos that we have found near UNF:

Bicycle Repair Shops –

These lists are in order from closest to farthest away from UNF campus.

Bikes Direct Bike Shop
4624 Town Crossings Drive
Jacksonville.  (904) 928-2453

Performance Bicycle
4421 Southside Blvd
Jacksonville (904)899-1056

Bird Legs Bicycle
1313 Beach Blvd.
Jacksonville (904) 246-4433

Skateboard Repair Shops

All Wet
8550 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville (904)646-9887

Sunrise Surf Shop
834 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville (904)241-0822

Automotive Repair Shops –

While there were quite a few recommendations, this recommended list is just the ones close to campus.

Bryan’s Garage
33 Aderhold Avenue
Jacksonville (904) 725-6785

JJ Auto Care
11630 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville (904) 721-6646

Beach Plaza Auto Care
1120 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville (904) 246-3211

Mike’s Automotive Repair Shop Brakes Jacksonville
3144 Leon Road
Jacksonville (904) 565-9340

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