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Take Your Dog (or Cat) to College

I do believe that the greatest gift I could give to my daughter, maybe almost more than some new clothing, purse or jewelry, would be if I brought out dog up to visit her one weekend. We all love our pets. Our dog is the sweetest, most loving dog I have ever had or known (I am sure all pet owners say the same thing!) But seriously, ours is the best! So if I did bring Lulu (that’s our Goldendoodle’s name) to visit my daughter, it would be great to know different restaurants, hotels and dog parks in the area.

Dog-friendly Restaurants: 

When it comes to dog-friendly restaurants unless you have a Service/Emotional Support animal, dog-friendly means you may eat outside with them.

Harpoon Louie’s

M Shack


River City Brewing Company

The Blue Fish

The Brick Restaurant


Uptown Kitchen and Bar

Pet-friendly Hotels:

Be sure, when making reservations, you tell them you are traveling with a pet. Some have fees

Hampton Inn and Suites

Holiday Inn Express

Residence Inn Butler

Sheraton Jacksonville

Local Dog Parks:

Such a fun treat to take your dog to a dog park near UNF. Pets rule!

Dog Wood Park of Jacksonville – Roomy dog park offering open fields & a big pond, along with walking trails through the woods.

Brew-Hound Dog Park & Bar  –  On an acre parklike grounds, BrewHound is a unique gathering place for dogs and their owners to play and mingle outside, enjoy delicious cold (or hot) beverages, and relax in the beautiful sunshine.

Confederate Park Dog Park – Part of the Jacksonville park system.  Located a short distance from UNF.

Paws Dog Park – An off-leash dog park with a large and small dog area, watering bowls and benches.  Located right at Jacksonville beach!

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