Favorite Apartment Rentals

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Favorite Apartment Rentals

Not Your Momma’s Apartment

Just when you think you have your student all settled in the dorms, chances are that you will be hit with the “wanting to move to an apartment” talk. Students quickly learn that the hunt and race to get a good apartment are fierce and one must start early. They are not kidding. I hadn’t even memorized my daughter’s dorm address when she told me that she and some friends were going to start looking for apartments for the NEXT school year!  

Yes, dorms are convenient, but when you see what apartments offer today, you won’t be shocked at the yearning to live off campus.  They are nothing like when I lived in an apartment one mile from campus. My roommate and I scoured the Salvation Army for cheap but clean furniture and we split everything down the middle.  Today, some apartments come furnished, and the amenities resemble popular hotels. Some have granite countertops, new appliances, resort-style pools, happy hours, electric bikes, and even tanning beds.  

Obviously, the closer to campus is the easiest, but it may also be the most expensive.  Don’t fear to venture a few miles from campus. Check to see if the BullRunner bus system stops at the apartment you are looking at.  That can help with the dreaded “trying to find a parking spot” on campus.

Now, be prepared.  The rent prices can be shocking, but keep in mind that they may be fully furnished, along with washers/dryers, and include utilities.   A one bedroom will be much pricier than a four bedroom/bathroom, and most have individual leases. I do love that idea. Each person is responsible for their own rent payment.  No more collecting the money from everyone and one person paying the office. Also, most everything is done online and with an app. Like the rest of the world, convenience is key.

Again, some apartments come fully furnished and some do not.  Take that into account with the rent price. Most leases are for 12 months, so planning for summer needs to be thought about.  Check sublet policies with the offices if you are not going to be there for summer.There are many posts for students subletting their apartments either over the summer or if studying abroad; be prepared to pay rent even if your student will not be at USF. Parking may be extra, and they all have different pet policies, so take note. Some of the apartments that accept pets may be found here.

Some apartments to take note of:

Oak Ramble Apartment Homes – 14627 Grenadine Dr. 813-977-1407.  These are not furnished and offer 1 and 2 bedrooms. Rent starts at just over $1000 to $1200/month per apartment.  

Venue at North Campus – 13702 N. 42 St. 813-413-4588.  These are fully furnished and fully inclusive. They have studios to 5-bedroom townhomes.  They are affiliated with USF, have individual leases, and rests are from $699-$1299/month per room.

Campus Palms Apartments – 2301 Aberdeen Ct.  813-443-0944. These are walking distance from campus and are on the BullRunner Route D.  They are gated, offer 1-3 bedrooms, and are $585-$1000 per room/month.

The Retreat at Tampa – 11326 N. 46 St. 813-379-2415.  This is across the street from USF and one mile from the Sun Dome. They offer individual leases, is pet-friendly, an optional furniture package, and 2-4-bedroom homes.

40Fifty Lofts – 4050 Rocky Cr. 813-673-8300.  They are a USF affiliate, offer 3-4 bedrooms, furnished.

The Flats at 4200 – 4200 E. Fletcher Ave. 813-517-1366.  This is right across from campus and they offer furnished studios to 4 bedrooms.  They have individual leases and rents are $740-$1125/month.

For other apartment rentals, click here.

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