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Learn the Best Way to Manage Your Housing.

Housing is one of the first decisions you must make after being accepted into USF. The housing you select will become your home for the next year and it is important to pick the housing best suited for you. At USF, there are many options for housing. From traditional, suite, and apartment-style to the Living Learning Communities, there is definitely a place you will be able to call home. We even have some tips on how to decorate your dorm.

The first step is to submit your housing application as soon as possible. This is important because housing fills up fast! The next step is to find housing that suits your needs. From the price, living style to floor plans, USF provides many options. You can find out all the specifics, including floor plans on the Housing & Residential Education page, but here is a basic breakdown of the dorms:

The newest housing option offered at USF, The Village, opened in 2018. The Village dorms are co-ed and offer two living styles; suite-style and traditional. Suite-style rooms include a private bathroom, while traditional rooms have community bathrooms. Both styles of living could be double occupancy, meaning you have a roommate or the option of living in a single room. However, a limited number of suite-style single rooms are available, so if that interests you, sign up ASAP! Benefits of living in the Village include being within walking distance from the satellite fitness center – The Fit, the newest dining hall – the Hub, a pool, Publix, the Credit Union, and other retail spaces. They also have a BurgerFi and Starbucks in the Pinnacle building in the Village. Additionally, each hall has a laundry room, kitchen, study rooms, and a common area. However, this type of living is it is more expensive than other options. The village halls include Becan, Endeavor, Horizon, Pinnacle, and Summit Hall. Go on a tour of the Village.

Jupiter-Poplar is another common housing option amongst Freshman students. Dorms in this hall are co-ed suite-style rooms with two people per room connected with a bathroom shared with the room next to you. The benefits of this hall include a dining hall, a common lobby, and an office complex with classrooms in the building. Go on a tour of Jupiter-Poplar Hall.

For a larger style of living, Cypress is the choice for you. Cypress offers suite-style and apartment-style living. In suite-style, four residents share two rooms and have a bathroom and shower in a common area. In apartment-style living, four residents share a space with individual rooms available. The benefits of Cypress Hall include a kitchen in every hall, a laundry room, and study lounges. Click here for a tour of Cypress Hall.

Beta & Castor halls are another housing option at USF. This hall offers traditional living where two people share one room and use a community bathroom. A major benefit of this type of living is it is most cost-effective. Additionally, they have a dining hall right outside, a laundry room, a kitchen, and study lounges. A negative would be that it is one of the oldest dorms on campus. Here is a tour of Beta & Castor Hall.

Kosove, Magnolia, and Holly apartments would be a great fit for you if you prefer more independent living. This type of living allows you to have privacy while also being able to socialize. Kosove apartments offer double and single bedrooms to 2-5 people. Inside the apartment is a kitchen, living area, and bathroom. The benefits of the building include that they have a laundry room and there is a dining hall right outside the building. Click here to watch a tour of Kosove. Moreover, Magnolia apartments offer single bedrooms available for 3-4 bedroom layouts. This style also includes a kitchen and bathroom. An additional benefit, however, is that Magnolia has a private pool. Click here to watch a tour of Magnolia. Similarly, Holly apartments have single bedrooms available with four rooms. This style also has a kitchen, bathroom, and common area inside the apartment. Tour Holly apartments here.

Now, if you really care about your academics, a Living Learning Community, aka LLC, is a great place for you to live. In an LLC, you live with students in the same programs as you, which means living with other motivated peers, access to in-hall tutoring, personal assistance, access to restricted classes, exclusive events, and more. If this is something that interests you, make sure to apply! LLCs are located in the following areas:

Beacon Hall (traditional style): Pre-Health

Beta Hall (traditional style): Engineering LLC

Cypress Hall: Education LLC

Cypress Hall: Stem LLC

Endeavor Hall (suite-style): Bulls Business Network and Bulls to Business Program students

Endeavor Hall (suite-style): Zimmerman Advertising Program LLC

Juniper Hall: Judy Genshaft Honors College LLC

Juniper Hall: Provost Scholars Program LLC

Poplar Hall (suite-style): Engineering LLC

Poplar Hall (suite-style): Women A.R.E LLC

Poplar Hall: Nursing-Public Health LLC

Greek housing is also an option. However, you must be a Panhellenic sorority or fraternity member to live there.

Students residing in Holly Apartments, Horizon Hall, Magnolia Apartments, and Juniper Hall may request to stay over winter break, but they must submit a Break Stay form. Break Stay Housing is not free, nor is it already paid for in the Housing Agreement. The cost is based on the style of housing you live in (click here for break stay information and rates).

Cars cannot be stored on campus over break, but there are a few options for storage in Tampa:

Metro Self Storage – 1821 E Fletcher Ave

Life Storage – Tampa. Cheapest!

Another resource is apartmentsforbulls.com, which is a guide to Tampa apartments that meet your lifestyle and budget.

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USF Intern Lindsay Fine


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