Trick or Treat The College Version

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Trick or Treat

Halloween is the first holiday that your student will encounter since leaving home.  With their new status as adults, the holiday takes on a different meaning. When I was at USF, it meant a night to go to a party and dress up.  So many organizations and fraternities/sororities hold parties and, as you can imagine, some are just good old fun, and others are pretty outrageous.

Many of us grew up in a household where Halloween was observed by carving pumpkins, putting up some decorations, making our own costumes, and trick or treating throughout our neighborhood.  We ran in packs, sometimes without parents, and came back when we were done. With our own children, we never left them alone, watched for cars, and checked their candy (and even snuck some too).  Now, they are on their own to have fun and start their own Halloween traditions.

Send a Little Halloween Love by checking out our Halloween gift guide here.

When my daughter left for college, I did send her a Halloween care package.  It was nothing fancy; just some dollar store decorations, and some candy for her to share with her suitemates.  If you really want to get creative, Pinterest has thousands of Halloween care package ideas.

Wicked Good Cupcakes. I first tried this company this month for my daughter’s birthday. They are a little pricey but she loved the birthday box. They do offer Halloween cupcake jars including reverse chocolate boo-day, pumpkin spice, reverse vanilla boo-day, and many other flavors. Click here to see their delicious fall pie choices.

Just remember that students must be present at the time of delivery to receive food deliveries if they live in a dorm.

Locally, Cookie Munchers has delicious choices for delivery or pick up.  They have some cute packages for holidays too. Delivery is free (but they ask that you tip the driver).  Cold Stone Creamery will deliver ice cream, yes, ice cream treats through Uber Eats. You can design a Halloween treat, especially for your student.

Don’t wait until the last minute so you can avoid hefty shipping prices.

Now for Some Fun!

Of course, there are the every popular and Instagrammable Pumpkin Patches – Check out the one at Tampa Bay Farmer’s Market on Fletcher Avenue, Dave’s Christmas Tree Lot and Gallagher’s Christmas Trees (too early for Christmas but they’ve got pumpkins)

The most popular Halloween fun in Tampa is Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens.  It is a separate ticket from park admission and is scary (at least to me it is).  The park is transformed into terrifying themes and decorated spooky. It is open select nights in October.  Check out student discount rates here.

On-campus, there is a Trick or Treat with the Greeks event at the end of October.  This is a free, family-friendly event where kids can go door to door in the Greek village and participate in various activities.  Most sororities and fraternities participate, so your Bull may be a part of this.

There is a Trick or Trot 5K Costume Fun Run held in Spring Hill.  That is 50 minutes away but lots of Bulls love this event.  They have a costume contest and all proceeds go to Hope for the Homeless.  Lots of Bulls love this event.

Challenge After Dark – October 25, 2019. The event is a Halloween edition glow-in-the-dark zipline challenge course. Also, USF offers transportation for this event from the rec. Start times at 7 pm, 8 pm and 9 pm

USF’s Relay for Life has a Trick & Treat Social with food, games, drinks, and music.  All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.

Lastly, Tampa’s Riverwalk (downtown) has a Trick or Treat Along the River on October 26th from 4 pm – 7 with over 20 points along the river with food, snacks, and drinks.

Happy Halloween from HaveUHeard!

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