Where The Wind Blows…

haeUheard wind weather hurricane

haeUheard wind weather hurricaneWindy Wild Weather!

The quote, “it’s all in the preparations” is true when it comes to Florida storms.  It is so easy to become complacent when you’ve been through so many storms, preparing for the worst, and then having a storm turn the other way at the last minute.  You’ll hear, “it won’t hit here” a lot. 24-hour broadcasts and weather forecasters getting excited can create a sense of panic and second-guessing. And if your student is from another state, panic can become elevated, especially for the parents at home.

The best thing about hurricanes is that there is plenty of warning.  Again, if you and your student are prepared, then there is less to worry about.  Floridians seem to look at Cat 1’s with an almost indifference, yet a Cat 3 prediction can send everyone’s nerves into overdrive. Check out more for your school, click the button!

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