I Did A 30 Day Yoga Challenge

30 day yoga challenge

Who Is Adriene Mishler?

I first learned about a 30-day yoga challenge on the Today Show.  Adriene Mishler is a yoga teacher from Austin, Texas. She is also an actress, writer, and entrepreneur according to her website. Adriene was talking about her 30-day yoga challenge, a practice she started in 2015. I was new to yoga but decided to give it a try. I’ve been hooked since. This year, I  again did  Adriene Mishler”s 30 Day yoga challenge.

Yoga is critical for my mental health. It is through yoga and meditation that I am able to work on my own mindfulness and inner peace. And it is so much easier now with smart TVs to stream. I set my mat up next to my bed as a reminder to practice.

Making the Time To Practice

My current exercise regimen includes three days of weight training and three days of riding my Peloton bike. Additionally, I take a slow flow yoga class almost every Wednesday morning. But I wanted to find time to do Adriene Mishler”s 30 Day Yoga Challenge.

That meant creating a schedule so I did not miss a day. One of the best parts of her yoga challenge is that it is geared to every level. And, each practice is fairly short. Some are closer to 25 minutes and there are some that are only about 18 minutes.

How It Started

At first, I started my mornings with that day’s challenge. Typically, I spend about 15 minutes stretching every morning. Some of the stretches are yoga poses so it seemed repetitive to then do a yoga class.

I also found myself missing a weight training session or a bike ride. This was not how I envisioned adding the yoga practice. The whole idea is to show up even if I didn’t want to sacrifice my other workouts.

Changing My Routine

MOVE is the theme of 2022’s  30-day yoga journey. Adriene Mishler titled it MOVE by stating that “Movement is how we engage with life… so how you move matters. This is a journey. To move your mindset. To align with purpose…”

In order to keep my other exercise routines, I decided to try the yoga in the evenings before dinner. That allowed me to close out my day with a practice that included breathing, some meditation, and a fairly easy flow.

How It Ended

I found myself actually looking forward to my early evening yoga practice. My sleep habits were getting better. It was relaxing and a great way to alleviate any stress or anxiety from the day. 

Additionally, there was a noticeable physical change as the month progressed. My muscles were more toned and my core was much stronger. I cannot say I am practicing every day now but I do try to take one of her classes a few nights per week.

Where to Find Adriene Mishler’s Yoga Online

Adriene Mishler”s 30-day yoga challenges are free. It did take me time to find the next day’s practice on occasion as they do not always show up in consecutive order. But it stays up all year. You can find Yoga With Adriene on YouTube.

Items I Love For My Yoga Space

Last, but not least, apparel and accessories! When it comes to picking your outfit, you don’t have to invest in anything expensive. It’s all about being comfortable. If you don’t have a room in your house or outside for these items, don’t fret! Even with just a couple of these items, you will notice an increase in your mood after your practice.

Yoga Mat: No matter where you’re practicing, you’ll want to make sure you have a mat. Throughout your poses and movement, it is important that you have support under your body. Yoga Outlet has a nice selection of mats at a reasonable price. Feel free to get creative and use one that matches your personality or the tone of your practice. Manduka mats are the most expensive but they are also great mats. You want one that doesn’t cause slippage while you are in a pose, especially if your feet get sweaty (ugh, yeah we get it). 

30 day yoga challenge

Athleta – I happen to love their ⅞ tights although they are on the pricier side.

yoga with adriene


Aerie by American Eagle – I am only 5’1” and a huge fan of their 7/8 leggings for their comfort, maneuverability, and how well they hold up in the wash. I especially like the OFFLINE by Aerie high-waisted leggings.

30 day yoga challenge

Lululemon – When I want to treat myself, I splurge for the Align high-rise pants and tanks. Super comfortable.

30 day yoga challenge


Alo Yoga — My daughters introduced me to alo during the pandemic and I now have several of their airbrush leggings as well as their ribbed Muse sweatpants and sweatshirts because who didn’t live in comfy outfits for the past few years. 

30 day yoga challenge

Zella– Nordstrom’s answer to workout apparel, I think they are super comfortable and hold up well. I try to grab a few new pieces when they go on sale.

Yoga with Adriene

When I am doing yoga at night, often I have on my sleepwear which is just as comfortable. Because isn’t yoga all about being comfortable?

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