How to Create A Vision Board

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Vision board

Set Your Intentions

What is a Vision Board? It is a physical reminder of what you may be searching for in your life. I am a huge believer in manifesting what I want to bring into my life. Oftentimes, your vision may change throughout the year.  I bet many of you already know how to create a vision board. You just may not have realized that you made them when you were younger.

We did not call them Vision Boards; we were calling them collages or dream boards. Think Jenna Rink’s Poise magazine board in the movie 13 Going On 30.

vision board

At the risk of aging myself, I remember making shellacked lunchboxes. My mom would give us magazines, scissors, and a metal lunchbox (now referred to as retro or vintage lunchboxes).  First, we cut out pictures and words. Next, we would glue them on the metal box. Last, we applied rubber cement glue which dries clear. I remember being so excited to show off my lunchbox at school.

vision board

That is somewhat similar to what a vision board is today. Vision boards keep you focused. They remind you of your intentions. They can include photos, words, and pictures. You can make them three-dimensional if you want to get really creative. I  pick a word for each new year that is my intention. That is the main focus of my board. But I have other intentions that I like to manifest, too. Your board can include visuals of your personal or work life, health and fitness goals, travel, finances, and even food.

Last year, a group of my girlfriends got together and we made Vision Boards. All of us brought magazines. The creatives in our group purchased stencils and borders. I had some leftover cork from some flooring that was installed. I cut them into large squares to give everyone a base.

The supplies you need are scissors, magazines, and glue. Your board can be also be made using a poster board, a pinboard, or cork. Since I redid my office this year, I chose to up my Vision Board and purchased a plain canvas from Minted. I love the way it looks in my office which means I am more apt to look at it often. I do change the words periodically, cutting out words that speak to me before pitching the magazines.

Vision Board
What I Love About Vision Boards

I am a firm believer in thinking positively and mentally focusing on what I need. When I was first widowed, I truly needed strength and focus, and a way to move forward. By waking up each morning and setting an intention for that day, I found it easier to make it through that day. And that day turned into another day and another day. I wish I could say all my days were better; they were not. But I did find myself taking time in the morning to ask for something I needed that day.

When I am feeling anxious or stressed or just having a bad day and it seems that nothing is going right, I look to my vision board to refocus.

Virtual Vision Board

Another great option is to create a virtual vision board. You can do this through Canva using one of their many Vision board templates. You could also choose a Mood Board template or even a collage layout that suits your needs.

What I love about Canva is that you are able to add text, whether an affirmation or goal statement, and change the font to one that is inspirational. I save mine as a PDF and then print it at my local Walgreens. This is one of several vision boards I created.

I use Shutterstock to pick high-quality stock images. Other sites to use for free images and royalty-free stock images are pixabay or Pexels.

Manifesting Your Visions

Your board can be simple or you can go all out and add embellishments.  Maybe you are not into making a big production. Letterboards work just as well and are easy to change. If you prefer not to print out your Virtual board, make it a screensaver on your desktop or background on your smartphone. This serves as a subconscious reminder every time you look at your phone or your background.

As long as it is in a place where you will see it every day, you will be able to focus on your goals.

Have you made a Vision Board this year? I would love to see yours.

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