Parent’s Weekend

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You’ll Want to Plan Early for the Best Weekend Experience.

I had been accustomed to booking for Parent’s Weekend the second it was announced, based on my older children who went to other colleges. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that availability is not as big an issue at the hotels near FAU.

Parent’s Weekend is scheduled for Fall 2020. The earlier you book your hotel, the better your choices will be. Some hotels close to campus offer discounts if you mention you are coming for FAU parent weekend. Most of the local hotels are pretty flexible on cancellations (48 hours being the norm), but be sure to check all this out when booking. Our blog on hotels may help.

Parent’s weekend is a wonderful weekend to see your students in their new home. They will want to show you all their new favorite places around campus and town and introduce you to their new friends. FAU has many planned events for the weekend that you can sign up for. The highlight of the weekend is the football game. This year the Owls are going against Old Dominion, tickets; we suggest buying them early. If you want to sit with your student, then purchase them a ticket as it is very uncommon for any parent to be in the student section of the football stadium and their student ticket (which is free), will not allow them to sit outside the student section.

If your student is in a sorority or fraternity, there will undoubtedly be activities planned with their respective houses. Both Sororities and Fraternities usually have a tailgate planned before the game. Sororities typically also plan an activity or two to enjoy with your daughter and other families. In the past, my daughter’s sorority held a breakfast, ice cream social, or trips to local activities around town.

Where to eat on Weekends

Don’t shoot the messenger, but restaurants are crazily crowded all weekend long. I have heard that the further from campus one goes, the better luck they have had in this regard. Of course, that also means daring to get into your car and navigate through the traffic and find parking again later. Try to eat at off times. We have even picked up subs and brought them back to our hotel. Check out our blog on restaurants.

Don’t forget to get your Owl gear for the football game. From sweatpants to sweatshirts, from hats to shorts to tees, we have some great recommendations for students and parents. If you are looking for some other fun things to do, check out our recommendations.

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