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Mom…I’m Sick!

It’s bound to happen.  At some point, the phone will ring and your mature, independent college student will cry “Mom, I’m sick!” Hopefully, their illness will be a result of their new-found independence that includes lack of sleep, exercise, stress, an unhealthy diet, and hygiene habits that don’t embrace enough hand-washing and can be cured quickly and easily.

I sent my daughters to school with a “things you may need that Mom thought of just in case” box. Inside was a thermometer; vitamins, the medicines that they used at home for symptoms of a cold; sinus infection; stomach ache, or other common ‘sick’ ailments. In my experience, my kids and I have had great results taking Source Naturals Wellness Formula. It has been a strong herbal defense supplement in fighting an illness that was recommended to me by a local natural health food store. Two a day for prevention but when you feel yourself coming down with something, you take 6 in the morning and 6 in the evening for two days. It has worked amazingly well for most everyone I have recommended it to.

Sometimes they need care beyond your box. Student Health Services is comprehensive providing both primary and some specialty care, including dentistry. If it is not a medical emergency or life-threatening circumstance, it is recommended that they go online to request an appointment. If it is a medical concern that needs attention that day, students can walk into the clinic anytime between 8 am and 6 pm. FAU also offers free flu shots to all students. If Student Health Services gives your student a prescription, they can fill it at the FAU Pharmacy, located in the Student Union. The Pharmacy also has a selection of over-the-counter products.

FAU has a hospital about five minutes away, Boca Raton Regional Hospital. There is also another hospital and 4 urgent care centers in the vicinity. Have your students fill out and drop off an Authorization to Release form when they begin college. It is up to them as to how much access they want to allow you. There is nothing worse than calling to find out how your sick or injured student is and being told the doctor is not authorized to talk with you.

If the health center on campus is inconvenient due to the hours or long wait times, there are alternatives. FAU recommends several off-campus walk-in clinics and emergency service locations. CVS has three Minute Clinics for minor illnesses. Have a discussion before dropping them off at college with an emergency plan. This should include having your student’s roommate or friend’s phone number, especially if they are accompanying them to the ER. I had my daughter add a phone contact titled ICE (In Case of Emergency) in the event she was unable to communicate. You can add that info whether you have an iPhone or Android. Have them enter their Medical ID information. This information allows medical personnel to access even on a locked phone and includes allergies, emergency contact information, and other crucial information.

Also, we recommend having your student get a flu shot. This past year, my daughter got really sick twice; once with the bad flu and once for a bad virus. It was difficult to get an appointment during flu season (it seems that most students and teachers all got hit with the flu). I would recommend your student getting the flu shot this year. Here are locations to get a flu shot.

Consider asking your family doctor for a recommendation of a general practitioner doctor in Boca. Yes, your fees pay for the student health center but her now having a Boca doctor will make getting an appointment a little easier. They are going to be at college for four years so establishing a relationship early may be worth it when the time comes that your student needs to be seen (although all bets are off when the flu season hits its peak). Be sure your student has a copy of their insurance card.

If you want to send something to make your student feel better, there are many options from chicken soup your student can pick up or have delivered. Check out our Care Package blog for local and national recommendations.

Remind your students to notify their professor if they will be legitimately missing class and unable to complete coursework. Including a doctor’s note is encouraged. FAU students who are seen by a doctor at the Student Health Services and who will not be able to attend class or take an exam, will not be able to get an excuse note. If a doctor’s note is required to have an absence excused, your student will have to go to an outside clinic. And finally, please make sure your student has filled out the legal forms should an emergency arise and you need to know what is going on.

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