Time to Move On…and Out

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Here Is One Way To Make The Move.

Moving out can be almost as hectic as moving into the dorms and apartments. You are typically assigned a move out time to keep the flow smooth. It did not make sense for us to drag the entire dorm supplies home for the summer, only to send them back down in the fall. We opted to have my daughter rent an air-conditioned storage facility with friends. You may be lucky in that your student may have a friend that will let them store their belongings in their apartment but that is unusual.

She was able to move her belongings into storage herself by getting boxes and packing up her dorm. Some students can recruit friends to help them move. You may want to go down yourself if they are moving out of a dorm and you feel they will need the additional help. Any items left in the rooms after the move out date are subject to disposal and subsequent removal fees.

Take 100 pictures, then take 20 more time-stamped. You could be charged for damages to the dorm room and if you have not documented everything, prepare for those charges. My daughter burned her desk chair with a hair appliance and you better believe we were charged for that.

Move out dates and further information. FAU has partnered with Smart Box, which offers student discounts, schedules pick up and storage for students, and return of your belongings.


If your student is moving out of an apartment or subletting their apartment, you may need to pay a moving company if there is furniture is involved. This is, by far, the more expensive way to go. When my youngest daughter came home for the summer of her sophomore year, we had to go this route. She had an apartment full of furniture that needed to be moved and stored.  We went with the company FAU recommended Smart Box. The move was smooth and it was appealing to us that not only could they do the move, but they could also store her items over the summer. There are several moving companies in the Boca Raton vicinity with varying price ranges and offered services.

There are other companies that service FAU including DormRoommovers. They too will drop off boxes, pick them up and store them and then redeliver in the fall.

Even if your student plans on remaining in the exact same room for the following Fall semester, they will still be required to move out. If your student is planning to remain on campus for the summer semester, they will need to submit a Break Stay Request with Housing and Residential Life.

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