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That Was Then…

I would race home from school so my mom could put together some sort of costume for me then rush to meet my friends to go trick-or-treating. Somehow, by the time I had my own kids, Halloween included much more; carving pumpkins, putting up decorations, more formal costumes, and, of course, trick-or-treating throughout our neighborhood, but not without a parent escort.

This is Now…

Halloween traditions in college are, well, a far cry from the pumpkin carving, candy apple making gatherings we had in our driveway before the kids started their trick-or-treating. Many places, including the bars and the frats, will have parties – all week. Keep in mind this is Boca Raton, which is in the Ft. Lauderdale vicinity, there is a lot of Halloween-themed partying going on in general. It may not be a bad idea to remind your students of all the nice parts of Halloween and to keep their good judgment about them. A hint to be sure they have all their work done before they go out is wise too. On a Lighter Note… At FAU, students have plenty of Halloween activities to choose from. FAU program board often holds various events during Halloween week and there are several local Halloween attractions in and around Boca Raton; this year’s events are as follows:

  • October 1st- 30th: Delray Beach Halloween Festivities: Delray Beach hosts various Halloween activities throughout the month of October. Take a stroll down Atlantic Ave to view spooky storefronts or decorate your own witches hat.
  • October 29th: 9:30-10:30 Spooky yoga: Enjoy a stretch with a spooky ambiance at this special edition Halloween yoga session.
  • October 30th: 7-9 pm Heights and Frights. Experience the FAU ropes course in the dark! This event is free to all FAU students in costume. Pre-registration is required by October 30th at noon.
  • October 31st: Noon: FAU football game against UTSA
  • October 31st: The FAU dining hall transforms into a Halloween theme dining space including decorations, music, and fun dining options.
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  • For local places to order, check out our Care Package guide.

Happy Halloween from HaveUHeard!

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