Is an A really an A?

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Those Pluses and Minuses Do Count!

Florida State University is moderately selective and expects you to meet its requirements for GPA and SAT/ACT scores for admission into this beautiful place. They have high expectations and strive to uphold a strong academic standard. Because of that, the GPA scale can either work for you or against you. So each one of the pluses and minuses counts!

The Grading system with +/- at FSU goes as follow:

A: 4.00
A-: 3.75
B+: 3.25
B: 3.00
B-: 2.75
C+: 2.25
C: 2.00
D+: 1.25
D: 1.00
D-: 0.75
F: 0.00

I have been at Florida State University for 3 plus years and every semester, I have these goals of attaining straight A’s. I still struggle to grasp why a point off can differentiate an A from an A- or why was there not an A+ to showcase my hard work? Many universities will deduct points from grade point averages for a minus score, but not give additional points for A-plus grade.

The way GPAs are calculated can seem unfair to some people, including me. In a system where a top score is rated as a 4.0, the top grade is an A. Depending on the professor and the class, the grade is usually the decision of the instructor. Not to mention, if you are a fraction of a point away from the desired grade, you better hope that your professor will round it up.

I have had some stubborn professors that will not show even the slightest sympathy towards final grades. I’m in no means trying to scare anyone; in fact, it mostly depends on the major that you have chosen and the rigor of the classes. Difficult classes such as ORGO or physics give curves based off improvement or just in a super generous way. I have had friends that have been failing halfway through the semester and ended with an A in the class.

If you don’t end up getting the grade you want, don’t fret! There are also many resources that FSU provides that can push you to your success. HaveUHeard about our blog on tutoring and other ways to study?

Willow Weintraub, HaveUHeard Intern

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