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You Can Dance If You Want To

Perhaps you have seen the Facebook posts from your student or friends’ kids that say #FTK or #ForTheKids. Maybe even fundraising pages for an event called Dance Marathon.  Or maybe you have never even heard of Dance Marathon. If you have a student at FSU, you will definitely want to know about this event, possibly donate to this event and encourage your student to get involved. This is college philanthropy at its best. Created to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in 1991, Dance Marathons are held at college campuses across the country to raise funds and awareness for more than 170 pediatric hospitals across North America.

Dance The Night Away

Dance Marathon, also known in Tallahassee as DMFSU, will take place on Friday, March 6th at 5 pm and ends on March 8, 2020, at 3:00 p.m. The number of participants, which includes, dancers, staff, captains, and directors (overall) numbers more than 3,744 students. The 40-hour event is split into two 20-hour shifts with about 800 participants in each (Garnet shift and Gold shift). They will line dance, enjoy live entertainment, and meet some of the families that benefit from the funds raised. Staff and captains run various fundraising events throughout the year, starting with Miracle Week, culminating in the dance marathon. The spring events are a lot of fun, starting with the Powder Paint Festival, FTKolor, and then Rally Week. 100% of the funds raised stay local to support local kids. At Florida State University, funds are used at the local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, Shand’s Children’s Hospital, and FSU’s College of Medicine Pediatric Outreach Programs.

The Last Dance

Last year’s Dance Marathon raised $2,152,382.19. There are many opportunities for students to get involved starting when they first step foot on campus and not just as a dancer. My daughter finds it to be the most moving of all her college experiences and looks forward to each one. Her freshman year she signed up to dance because her friends wanted to, but as soon as she met some of the kids whose lives were touched by the funds raised she was hooked. My son never danced, but he and some of his fraternity buddies participated yearly. There are many ways to participate without dancing. From my perspective, I could not have been more proud of their participation and that this event truly puts into perspective how blessed they truly are. For more information or to donate to DMFSU.

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