Go Big Red… The Cream of the Hoosier Crop

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Putting Together Great Hoosier Outfits

There is nothing more anticipated at Indiana University than a Hoosier game day. Gameday consists of exciting Big 10 football games in the Fall, basketball games in the spring, tailgating, and lots of fun. As you know by now, IU’s school colors are crimson and cream. On game days, those are the only colors you will see around town. Students go all out with crimson and cream outfits and accessories and it is important for families to show some Hoosier spirit too!

HaveUHeard how IU got its colors? The December 1887 Indiana Student noted that the “colors of the university are crimson and black. Senior class cream and gold.” At some point, the two different color combinations were fused together. By 1903, most students and faculty had no idea what IU’s colors were, but several answered the colors were some variation of crimson, red, white, and cream. The colors were actually cream and crimson, which was adopted in 1888). The colors went back and forth to red and white but in 2002, it was reverted to the signature cream and crimson. Want to know the actual colors – IU gives you the graphic versions.

Bloomington can get sweltering hot from August to the beginning of October but by the last few football games and most of the basketball games, a warm but cute game day outfit is a must for parents.

For the best in authentic college clothing, accessories, and fan gear, check out Fanatics. They carry brands such as Jordan Gear, Vineyard Vines, Stance, Columbia, Dooney & Bourke, Tommy Bahama, Vera Bradley, Orca, Southern Tide, College Row One Shoes, Johnnie-O Clothing, and Peter Millar Clothing. Add in everything you need for tailgating including a stylish mask, NCAA tents, tables, and chairs, waterless face tattoos, jewelry, and more.

At the beginning of the Fall semester, you will be in the sun all day at football games so besides drinking tons of fluids we recommend dressing light. Nordstrom has great options for trendy jeans that will make you look like the cool mom at all the tailgates. Some of the days it’s going to be so hot that you are even going to dread wearing jeans so we recommend packing some jean shorts as well. Nordstrom has great options for both women and men, making it easy to get outfits together for the whole family. Pair an IU tank or t-shirt with jeans or jean shirts and you are already ready to tailgate.

While wearing an IU t-shirt is cute and easy, feel free to wear a cream-colored top with some crimson-colored accessories! The IU Bookstore is a great resource for accessories.  Adding a hat or headband with testudo is a cute way I have dressed up a tailgate outfit. We’ve also found some very cool retro Hoosier outfits on American Eagle’s tailgate website. If wearing a comfortable dress is the way you want to go, definitely check out some of these fun Game Day dresses from Redbubble. We have also found a good selection at Kohls. Throw in some more accessories including a regulation stadium bag from SCORE! The Official Game Day bag (you even get a 15% discount- use the code HUH15).

We would strongly recommend leaving the high heels at home as you will be walking a good distance to the stadium (unless you were lucky enough to get there many, many hours in advance and snag a great parking spot) and climbing stands. I love wearing Converse sneakers or Adidas Stan Smith, depending on my outfit. When it gets cold, I would recommend wearing some flat or low booties, timberlands, or Ugg’s to keep warm!

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