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Keeping Peaceful, Zen, and Stress-Free with Yoga

In college, I was determined to stay fit and healthy but I was not much of a gym girl. The school gym was always extremely crowded and I always felt very overwhelmed never knowing how to use all of the work-out machinery. I decided to experiment with different workout methods and then found my deep love for yoga. Not only is it giving my exercise but yoga completely allows me to relax and free my mind which is definitely essential with a busy college lifestyle. Many studios are doing virtual online yoga classes while some are taking social distancing precautions and still doing in-person classes. We recommended giving a class a try!

The practice of yoga is over 5000 years old. There has to be something to that. In addition, it has been proven to alleviate stress; and what college student doesn’t have some stress? Research indicates that within seven weeks of regular practice, students enjoyed significantly reduced stress levels and as a result, their academic performance increased. This, in turn, also makes students more confident, able to enjoy a greater clarity of mind, and a sense of peace. Allowing your mind to be cleared regularly can help students concentrate while studying or sitting through long lectures. This does not even touch on the positive physical aspects of yoga; strengthening one’s core, making muscles limber, and so on.


Where to go:

  • Ekah Yoga– The first zoom class is free and they have a variety of new student specials.
  • Gentle Heart Wellness– This studio strongly focuses on individuals’ wellness throughout their practice. Emotional healing and life purpose empowerment classes are available.
  • IU Yoga- No need to leave campus because you can join one of the many sessions in the gym.
  • Know Yoga Know Peace– Want to try a few classes to know if yoga is your thing? Due to COVID, they are currently offering free virtual classes Sundays at 10 am and Wednesdays at 6 pm.
  • Nourishing Heart Yoga– With all classes currently on zoom hop on to a class easily from any location.
  • Touchstone Wellness– After your class, get a deep tissue massage in one of their massage therapy sessions.
  • Vibe Yoga– When the weather is perfect, this is your go-to studio for a relaxing, outdoor session.
  • Yoga Mala– With a variety of unique kinds of classes, we recommend trying a few different ones and seeing which you are the most interested in.
  • Make sure you check Groupon as you may find special pricing on other studios or even the recommended ones.  Namaste’…

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