So you want to be a Knight? Here’s How!

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Be a Knight!

I don’t blame you; the excitement can’t be beaten. To be a Knight, belonging to a superior University and enjoying all the experiences and benefits that it offers, it is fantastic. Right down to the beautiful modern campus, fabulous location and multitude of possible majors; the University of Central Florida is filled with opportunity. The question is how do you get in? The truth is that for every 100 students that apply to UCF, less than half are admitted.

The statistics are in averages:

  • 4.12 – academic GPA
  • 28.3 – ACT composite
  • 1328  – SAT total
  • The Burnett Honors College enrolled 524 students (Average SAT: 1457)
  • The number of incoming National Merit Scholars ranked UCF among the top 25 colleges and universities.

The statistics are pretty clear cut in regard to what UCF, the largest university by enrollment in Florida with 68,571 students, is looking for in a student, but here are a few thoughts as to how to tweak your high school preparation. If you haven’t already visited UCF, I highly recommend it. Campus tours are offered Monday through Friday from 9 to 2. Sign up here. To tour the dorms sign up here.

Grades for Knight-in-waiting

Grades and test scores are (obviously) important, but so are showing that you are not only about the scores. Show UCF that there’s more to you by being involved in clubs, teams and/or organizations that show you have a passion for something other than schoolwork. Don’t just join; lead. Show them that you are not just a member, but a leader in some way. Take a leadership position in one of those clubs or teams.

Knightly Rigor

Show some rigor in your class schedule. While A’s are really nice; it can be better to get a lower grade in a class that shows you are challenging yourself.  So don’t rule out AP Physics or AP Spanish.

Write an amazing application essay. Do you have any idea how many essays they read and how they all begin to sound the same? Standout; be different. If you are unsure how to go about doing this feel free to seek help. We recommend Essential Essays College Essay Consulting, assisting students with brainstorming, planning and writing college essays that will reveal their personality and give their applications a positive edge. Learn about them here. The essay is a huge part of the application as it is the only opportunity your student has to stand out as more than grades and test scores. The essay becomes their personality and what can make them stand out from all the rest.

Apply to UCF as a general student, get accepted, and then declare your major later. Engineering, computer science, biomedical science, biology, and psychology are the top five majors at UCF. This does not mean that you shouldn’t check out the possible majors beforehand, but if you are considering UCF only for one specific major; it may be easier to apply for that major from within later.  For instance, if you really want to be part of UCF’s Engineering program, but don’t know if you can get in yet, apply undecided and work your way in from within.

If UCF is your dream school and you don’t get in, consider re-taking your ACT/SAT’s and reapplying to show your new fabulous scores and improved GPA for the first semester of senior year. You may get to start in January.  You might even consider going to Valencia Community College for a few semesters first, then transfer in. If you want it badly enough, this may be the way to go.

Go Knights!

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