Homecoming, the best game of the season.

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…… is days away.

You can actually check out the countdown on the UCF Homecoming website.

If that doesn’t prepare you for the excitement that surrounds Homecoming week, what will?  FYI, I am not referring to the kind of Homecoming where our kids announce they are coming home for the weekend, although that can be equally as thrilling. From the beginning of the week’s activities on October 19th to the big football game; this year we are playing the ECU on Saturday. All the dates and events haven’t been announced yet, but you can follow Instagram,  Twitter and their Facebook for the announcements – or tune back in here. Follow the countdown here.

University of Central Florida’s Homecoming has been a tradition since its earliest years, but it has grown in size and enthusiasm over the years. At the beginning stages, UCF actually had two Homecomings – one to coincide with the Basketball season and the other the Football season. Today there is only one in the fall semester.  The week’s activities are fun-filled and rich in pride and spirit.

Throughout the week there are Talent Shows, Movie Night and the big concert where A$AP Ferg and Ella Mai performed last year.  Perhaps, the most exciting part of the week takes place on Friday at 11 am when about 10,000 students come together for the Spirit Splash at the Reflection Pond in front of the library. Ducks will be thrown, t-shirts distributed and music will blast. It is one of the biggest Homecoming traditions in the country. On Friday night there is an amazing firework display and movie knight at Memory Mall. The sky will light up at 9 pm, but the festivities usually begin at 7:00 (and include vendors with food).

While just about any Knight Football game is exciting, the Homecoming game is extra sensational. This is the game that many alumni come to so the spirit is extra high. If you plan to go, you may want to get there a few days before to indulge in some of the fun; you are practically guaranteed a good time. Book your hotel near campus early.  Buy tickets early for the Homecoming game and try to sit on the shady side of the stadium just in case it is a day game. Remember too that traffic and parking will be a basic nightmare, so the closer to campus you stay the better – or plan to indulge in many Ubers, which will undoubtedly include exorbitant surcharges.

Here are the week’s activities:

Monday, October 14- Movie Knight: The Lion King

Tuesday, October 15- Comedy Knight

Wednesday, October 16- Knights Got Talent

Thursday, October 17- Concert Knight

Friday, October 18- Spirit Splash and Fireworks Festival

Saturday, October 19- UCF vs. ECU Homecoming Football Game

And here are some activities for alumni:

October 16, 2019- ChargeOn: Rise Above Panel 7:30-9:30 a.m. at the UCF FAIRWINDS Alumni Center

October 18, 2019- Black and Gold Takeover 9 p.m.-1 a.m. at the Wall Street Plaza

October 19, 2019- Indoor Tailgate 3 hours before kickoff (game time TBA) at the UCF FAIRWINDS Alumni Center


Watch for UCF Student Free ticket distribution. You just need your student ID.

And finally, if you’re wondering what to wear, check out Gameday Outfits for UCF Parents or Wake up, It’s Game Day for suggestions.

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